State funding under fire for Wisconsin's Faith Works
One of George W. Bush's favorite programs to promote as an example of successful religious and governmental cooperation is under scrutiny from the Freedom from Religion Foundation, a group dedicated to maintaining the separation between church and state. The group alleges that Faith Works, a Christian-based addiction recovery program largely supported by the state of Wisconsin violates the establishment clause of the First Amendment. The suit states that, "because funds are given directly to a pervasively sectarian organization and the funds are used directly to pay for explicitly Christian programs designed to indoctrinate clients in the Christian faith," Wisconsin should withdraw its almost $450,000 of tax support. Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson insists that the program has proven to work, and that it meets state and federal requirements. "The governor believes we need more programs like this and fewer lawsuits," Thompson's press secretary said.

In all things moderation
Almost 20 Baptist leaders in Alabama have withdrawn from the Southern Baptist Convention to form the more moderate Mainstream Alabama Baptists. This move is supposed to counter what the leaders are calling the "domination of fundamentalism" in the SBC. Basically it's about the usual two hot topics: women's ordination and whether doctrinal authority is widely interpreted from Jesus' teachings or founded on a more literal reading of the Bible. The group is hoping that the Alabama Baptist Convention will not adopt the new Baptist Faith and Message statement, and fears that it is being used "as a creed and a litmus test for people who work for Baptist agencies and seminaries."

The church of MTV A new Detroit-area ...

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