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September 2007 2007
Volume 51, Number 9
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Cover Story

Why We Love Football
Grace and idolatry run crossing patterns in the new American pastime.
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Helping Immigrants Become Citizens
Texas Baptists want to help immigrants become citizens.
Jordan River Endangered
Revered river endangered by pollution, overuse.
Farm Bill's Crop of Concerns
Farm bill draws out Christian reformers worried about subsidies.
Passages: Deaths, an Arrest, and Other News
Ugandan minister arrested, Anglican pastor flees Iraq, and other news.
Infographic: Top 10 U. S. Cities for Volunteering
These 10 cities have the highest rate of residents who volunteer in religious venues.
Seminary Retooled
Northern Baptist's new strategy: to reach more students with less.
Quotation Marks
Comments on religious wear, cuneiform tablets, old papers, and other subjects.
Missionary Passports Postponed
New requirements complicate missionary plans.
Go Figure
Recent statistics on peacemaking, church abuse, and Christian product sales.
News Briefs
Asbury's governance woes, Calif. Episcopal church property, and charges filed against abortion doctor.
Financial Accountability for Small Ministries
New ECFA membership option designed for churches, small ministries.
Q&A: Paul Marshall on Religious Freedom
The Hudson Institute senior fellow discusses initial findings of the forthcoming book Religious Freedom in the World 2007.
Bush's 'Theological Perspective'
U. S. presence in Iraq is 'allowing for the inevitable to happen.'
Korean Christians Criticized for Missions
In wake of abductions, Korean Christians take heavy criticism.
How to Love Israel
Beware giving the nation too much theological meaning and the Jews too little.
Editorial: Working Out One's Salvation in the NBA
The NBA is as good a place as any for working out one's salvation.
The NFL Fumbles on Faith
When it deals with Christians and churches, the NFL doesn't always have a good game plan.
Tony Dungy Spells 'Respect' Backwards and Forwards
Tony Dungy may be the most respected coach in the NFL—but he's also got some enemies.
World Vision India Head on "Playing God" with Missions
World Vision India head Jayakumar Christian on how the poor become movers and shakers, and movers and shakers become poor.
Mark Driscoll, Rev. Provocateur
Love him or hate him, Mark Driscoll is helping people meet Jesus in one of America's least-churched cities.
Distracted by Good Things
Augustine says we must love the very best the most.
The Bible in Brush and Stroke
Medieval and modern join forces in the Saint John's Bible.
The New Evangelism
Crusades and personal witnessing are no longer the cutting edge of evangelism.
Mitt Romney Q&A
Mitt Romney believes American values, not Mormon doctrine, should rule a President.
Helping Inmates Out
698,000 inmates were released from prison in the last 12 months. Most will be behind bars again by 2009. How can we keep more from returning?
Reflections: Blessed Are Those Who Hunger
Quotations to stir heart and mind.
Gushee: Rethinking War
The Iraq war calls for some serious rethinking by Christians.
The Pulse: Illegal Immigrants
How should we deal with 12 million illegal immigrants?
<i>Last Rights</i> for a New Kind of Dying
Sudden death gives way to anticipated mortality. A review of Last Rights.
Short reviews of Metaphysics and the God of Israel, Hidden Iran, and Caring for Mother.
A Samson Novel with Fierce Intelligence
This novel with a fierce intelligence should resurrect him.
Top 5 Books on Apologetics
Russian Filmmaker on Art, Death, and Time
Russian filmmaker sought to harrow the soul.
Robinson, Morris
Morris Robinson fuses old and new.
Yancey: God's Writing Life
Our Creator has chosen a medium that is the most challenging of all.