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June 2010
Volume 54, Number 6
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The CT archives are a rich treasure of biblical wisdom and insight from our past. Some things we would say differently today, and some stances we've changed. But overall, we're amazed at how relevant so much of this content is. We trust that you'll find it a helpful resource.
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Cover Story

Life in Those Old Bones
If you're interested in doing mission, there could hardly be a better tool than denominations.


The Face-to-Face Gospel and the Death of Distance
Al Erisman says we need to think about ministry in the digital culture the way missionaries think about the culture of the people they serve.
A Culture of Resurrection
How the church can help its people die well.
'Something Better Than Revival'
Buenos Aires pastors believe their city of 13 million should have only one church.
A Combustible Faith
How politics and religion forged Christian orthodoxy. A review of Philip Jenkins' latest book 'Jesus Wars.'


Readers Write
Your responses to the April 2010 issue of Christianity Today.
Don't Shoot the Messenger
What all Christians can learn from the Catholic Church abuse scandal.
Green Plus Christian Isn't New Math
How concerned Christians should be about environmental care.
The Risks God Takes
Why a little church history is a dangerous—and necessary—thing.
Who Are Americans?
What Christians contribute to the search for a national identity.


My Top 5 Movies on Mortality
Films that take a compelling look at death and dying.
Remembering Malatya
Documentary recalls Christian martyrs in Turkey.
My Top 5 Books on Sabbath Rest
Picks from Keri Wyatt Kent, author of 'Rest: Living in Sabbath Simplicity.'
The Heart of Mission
According to John Wesley, that's the church's greatest task.
Blinded By Stuff
Radical: Taking back your faith from the American dream.
Wilson's Bookmarks
'Harvesting Fog,' 'Architects of Power,' and 'Elegy for April.'
From Informant to Informer
The "son of Hamas" senses God in his life before coming to Christ.
Books to Note
Short reviews of recent books worth considering.


What We Learned About Africa
The Pew Forum issued an extensive report on the world's "most religious" continent.
Recent deaths, appointments, and other transitions in the Christian world.
Go Figure
Stats on church planting, charities, and men in church.
Quotation Marks
Recent remarks from Lady Gaga on abstinence, Charles Colson on theocracy, and more.
Adamant on Adam
Resignation of prominent scholar Bruce Waltke underscores tension over evolution.
Recent deaths, retirements, and other transitions in the Christian world.
Homeward Bound?
Short-term missions may be shifting domestic.
Information Overload
Disclosure laws take on crisis pregnancy centers.
A Protestant-Less Supreme Court: Does it Matter?
Observers weigh in on a Supreme Court without Protestants.
Faith-Based Fracas
From the White House to the courthouse, the battle escalates over whether Christian groups have the right to employ only Christians.

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A magazine for the scandalous, beloved church.
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