Go Figure

Stats on the Last Supper's growth, how much megachurches spend on short-term missions, and more.



Total news coverage in 2009 devoted to religion, down from 1% in 2008.


Total news coverage in 2009 devoted to the death of Michael Jackson.

Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism

Church Life

American congregations who say they can't find enough people to serve on committees and taskforces, by number of committees and taskforces they have:

17%: Three or less

10%: 4-9

7%: 10 or more

Faith Communities Today


According to a survey of 74 ministries, receptivity to the gospel—on a five-point scale—among first-generation immigrants from

4.2: Ecuador and Guatemala

4.1: Liberia

2.3: Japan

2.2: Iraq and Iran

North American Mission Board/LifeWay Research



Americans who believe that "when good or bad things happen, they are simply part of God's plan for me."


Americans who agree that "there is no sense planning a lot—ultimately my fate is in God's hands."

LiveScience/Sociology of Religion



Growth in the size of the main courses depicted in the paintings of the Last Supper between the years 1000 and 2000.


Growth in the size of the bread.

International Journal of Obesity

Church Life


Megachurches that have at least one church-to-church partnership with a non-U.S. congregation.


Megachurches that have more than five such partnerships.

International Bulletin of Missionary Research



Amount of megachurch spending directed abroad that goes to short-term missions trips.


Megachurch attendees on a given weekend in 2007 who went abroad on a short-term missions trip that year.

International Bulletin of Missionary Research

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