• The Hunger Games is streaming on Netflix. The film, based on the first book from the bestselling young adult series, stars Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence as a teen who has to compete in televised gladiatorial combat. Read our review here.
  • If you're looking for a version of Anna Karenina that is longer and more in depth than the recent Keira Knightley adaptation, check out the miniseries of the same title that was just uploaded to Netflix this week, and get ready for a stirring conversation about moral situations and religion. Read a review here.
  • In Another Country is a moving series of vignettes about a woman travelling in Korea. It's a poignant and artistic drama about life and love. Read a review here.
  • The Passion of the Christ is streaming on Netflix, but only through tomorrow. Read our mixed review here, to get the discussion going.
  • Oscar-winner Crash also is streaming on Netflix only through this week. An all-star cast deals with timeless themes in this film that inspired and outraged viewers and critics. Read our review here.