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January/February 2024
Volume 68, Number 1
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About This Issue
In keeping with recent tradition, we’re devoting our first issue of the new year to the place of books and reading in the Christian life. Alongside the annual CT Book Awards—which commend some of the previous year’s top titles in areas like theology, discipleship, apologetics, and missions—we’ve included adapted excerpts from several finalists. Other features analyze the popularity of self-help books among Christian audiences, survey the changing landscape of Christian fiction, and mount a case for better appreciating contemporary literature. As a bonus, we’ve asked eight accomplished Christian authors to daydream about a book they would love to write—even though, realistically, they’ll never pull it off.
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Cover Story

Christianity Today’s 2024 Book Awards
Our picks for the books most likely to shape evangelical life, thought, and culture.


God Thwarted the Tower of Babel. But Its Spirit Lives On.
From the builders of Genesis 11 to the architects of the modern world, we've forgotten who makes our name great.
‘Evangelical Imagination’ Has Formed Us. But Can We Define It?
Metaphors, images, and stories orient us. But we must understand them first.
Theology Is Not a Waste
Far from being impractical, careful theological study is crucial to ordinary Christian life.
Jesus and My OCD
Christ’s death is the beginning of my relief from mental illness.
Can Self-Help Books Really Help?
Self-help books are wildly popular, including among Christians. But can they keep their promise to improve us?
Christian Fiction (Finally) Has Issues
Evangelical novelists have embraced human grit and struggle. Getting readers to notice is its own struggle.
Reading for the Love of the World
Christians are comfortable with the classics. But reading contemporary literature can be a search for truth too.
The Book I’d Love to Write
Eight writers daydream about passion projects they will (realistically) never pursue.
The 2016 Election Sent Me Searching for Answers
Politics had become a false idol, and I needed a deeper source of purpose and meaning.


American Christianity Is a Flourishing Forest
Just as biodiversity produces new trees, cultural diversity produces new expressions of an ancient faith.
The Echoes of Genesis in Darwin
Evolutionary science has surprising roots in a Hebrew view of reality.
New & Noteworthy 2024
Seven books we’re looking forward to in the new year.


Book Binders Save Bibles One at a Time
Craft businesses honor legacies of faith.
Indonesian Government Adjusts Name Above All Names
And other news briefs from Christians around the world.
To Animation and Beyond, Cartooning Pastor Hopes for the Next Big Thing
The silly space adventurer started small, but shows the potential for a faith-based, family friendly series.

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