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Book Title (Most Recent)AuthorRating
Romanowski, William 4 Stars - Excellent
Haidt, Jonathan4 Stars - Excellent
Everts, Don4 Stars - Excellent
Steward, Stanely A. 4 Stars - Excellent
Enough: Finding More by Living with Less
Davis Jr., Will3 Stars - Good
Wirzba, Norman4 Stars - Excellent
Murray, Kitti3 Stars - Good
Mehl-Laituri, Logannot rated  
Eberstadt, Marynot rated  
Caitlin Carenen4 Stars - Excellent
Marti, Gerardo5 Stars - Masterpiece
McCall, Thomas H.3 Stars - Good
Asay, Paul3 Stars - Good
Gallagher, Maggie4 Stars - Excellent
Merritt, Jonathan4 Stars - Excellent
Monsma, Stephen V.4 Stars - Excellent
Sandel, Michael J.5 Stars - Masterpiece
Lessl, Thomas M.4 Stars - Excellent
Wright, N. T.4 Stars - Excellent
Peterson, Robert A.4 Stars - Excellent
Guthrie, Stannot rated  
Bell, Jeffrey4 Stars - Excellent
The Intolerance of Tolerance
The Intolerance of Tolerance
Carson, D. A.4 Stars - Excellent
D'Souza, Dinesh3 Stars - Good
Pohl, Christine D.5 Stars - Masterpiece

Top Story January 29, 2023

Changing the Conversation on Climate Change
Changing the Conversation on Climate Change
Q&A with evangelical organizer Tori Goebel on the difference 10 years makes and how a rising generation of Christians is looking for “avenues for action.”

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