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"While Critics Worry About Continued FCC Deregulation, Christian Broadcasters Have Little to Fear"
"The few mom-and-pop religious stations remaining won't feel a significant change, say observers"
Battling Bigotry
Widow seeks to stem growing tide of hate crimes
Free Speech for Politicians
God-talk in the public square is healthy
The Bush Doctrine
The moral vision that launched the Iraq war has been quietly growing in the President's inner circle
Law and Disorder
"Why your church might end up before a judge and jury, and what you can do to prevent it."
Marriage in the Dock
Massachusetts case on gay marriage could set off chain reaction.
Kenya: Churches Back Truth Commission
Panel will examine allegations of murder and corruption under former president
Civics for Gay Activists
We may see more die from HIV/AIDS because gay activists are intolerant
A Strategy for Progress
"Unless prevention of HIV/AIDS becomes a clear priority, things will get worse"
Weeping over Baghdad
"Desert Storm cost Iraq thousands of lives. At its conclusion, a Christianity Today editorial called for the church to deal with the living souls that remained"
Charitable-choice battle brewing
Jewish group sues over AmeriCorps support for religious groups
Kenya: Churches celebrate new president
"They are pushing for health care, free education, and an improved economy"
Weapons of the Spirit
"Regardless of their positions on Iraq, Christians have much they can do"
A Proposal to Tilt the Balance of Terror
For all Christians there are values that should be more precious than life itself
Malawi President Ends Church Feud by Stepping Down
The Presbyterian church spoke out against his attempts to change the constitution for a third term
Jerry Thacker: Politics Muddies Fight Against AIDS
The politics of homosexuality has made it easier to battle the disease in foreign countries than domestically, says a former nominee to the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV and AIDS
Hispanic Swing Vote Potentially Volatile
But overwhelming support for School prayer, vouchers, and charitable choice didn't translate into support for Bush over Gore.
Split Families in Limbo
Relief agencies push Bush to reverse sharp decline in refugee resettlement program
"New Congress, New Agenda"
"Abortion, judgeships, cloning ban are top priorities for conservative Christians"
Go Figure
What role did abortion play in the congressional race?

Top Story December 2, 2023

God’s Promises Are Clearest When We Turn Out the Lights
God’s Promises Are Clearest When We Turn Out the Lights
Christians have every reason to reduce light pollution.

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