General Convention Brushes Against Its Deadline
Conservatives, liberals can't agree on response to the Windsor Report.
Conservatives Stunned by Bishop's Election
The new church leader supports same-sex marriages, vows to bend over backwards for those she disagrees with.
Gays in the Church Debated
Conservatives press Episcopal convention to repent of gay bishop's consecration.
Georgia to Teach Bible
Democrats and Republicans disagreed about what to use as a textbook.
Militants Besiege Mission in North India
Hindu nationalists crack down on ministry to poor, sick.
After Shocking Defeat for U.K. 'Hate' Bill, Debate Goes International
Christian protests help deliver Blair rare loss.
A Corrupt Salvation
Charismatic archbishop accused of exploiting women for sex.
Too Inclusive
Church loses building after members flee pastor's universalism.
Bondage Breaking
Bill boosts fight against sex and labor trafficking.
Budget Battle
Christian leaders debate government's responsibility for the poor.
The New Climate Coalition
Evangelical leaders bolster the fight against global warming.
Bono Lauds, Prods Prayer Breakfast
U2 activist reaffirms call to fight AIDS, poverty before audience including President Bush.
Nondescript Landmark
Modernizing Persian Gulf leader allows first Protestant building.
Conservative Christian Leads Unwieldy Canadian Parliament
Now comes the hard part for Stephen Harper.
Boston's Quiet Revival
Evangelical Christianity thrives in America's most Catholic city, at the heart of cold New England.
Deliver Us from Joseph Kony
Why the children of Uganda are killing one another in the name of the Lord.
Christmas Attacks Suspected
Indonesia's Christians dig bomb pits to prep for terrorist assaults over weekend.
Warren, Hybels Urge Churches to Wage 'War on AIDS'
Hundreds of evangelicals attending Disturbing Voices conference repent, refocus on outreach to outcasts.
Competing Goals
Move by Family Christian Stores reveals tension with publishers.
Copts' Night of Terror
Rioting chills Muslim-Christian relations as new parliament is elected.

Top Story February 24, 2021

A World Vision Employee Is Still Awaiting Fair Trial in Israel
A World Vision Employee Is Still Awaiting Fair Trial in Israel
The charges against him don’t make sense. And his day in court has been delayed again and again.

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