Go Figure

If You’re a Christian, You Should Probably Thank Your Mom
A majority of American Protestants were raised by devout mothers, a study finds.
The Weird True History of the Easter Bunny
From Constantinople to “the Singing Cowboy,” the odd folk tradition of egg-delivering rabbits was invented bit by bit.
Salvation Army Kettles Collect Fewer Coins
The bell-ringing campaign sees 20 percent decline in giving.
Trump-Era Controversies Had a Measurable Effect on Church Attendance
Politically moderate and left-leaning evangelicals appear to be most impacted.
Praise Him with Harp and Tuba?
When SBC worship leaders look to their congregations for musical talent, this is what they find.
15 Percent of Churches Laid Off Staff in COVID-19. Many Are Still Looking for Work.
For some, pandemic firing prompted a turn to secular employment.
Where Pro-Choice Groups Chose Vandalism
Pregnancy centers were attacked in 24 states in the aftermath of the Supreme Court decision on abortion rights.
Pope Who Changed the Calendar Is Honored with an Asteroid
Gregory XIII joins Martin Luther, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and many other Christians with an astronomical tribute.
Evangelicals Outgrow Catholics in Central America
“Nondenominational believers” rank close behind.
How We Read the Bible Now
Fewer people are using more types of media to access Scripture.
The Season’s Greeting Most Preferred for Happy Holidays? ‘Merry Christmas.’
Americans expected to send 1.6 billion cards this year, continuing Victorian-era tradition.
More Evangelical Women Have Had Sex With Women Than You Might Think
A study shows an increase in reports of LGBT experience, identity, and affirmation.
20% of Polling Places Are in Churches. We Mapped Them.
Here’s where 12,875 houses of worship serve democracy.
The Curious Case of Coronavirus Contagion in Church
Pandemic impact was not as predictable as expected, sociological study finds.
Long Sermons Seem Longer in the Pews, Study Finds
But it’s not a new problem. Just ask Martin Luther.
Levites, Whores, and Demoniacs: Here’s How the New NRSV Has Changed
A look at five updates to the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible.
100 Women Consider Ending Their Pregnancies. How Many Get an Abortion?
The answer may depend on crisis pregnancy centers.
All I Want for Christmas Is a Song that Mentions Jesus
Most-played hits around the world celebrate love, snow, and chestnuts before getting around to Christ.
Where Billy Graham Is Remembered
The late evangelist is larger than life with monuments, markers, and museums.
1 out of 3 New Guitars Are Purchased for Worship Music
Industry study says church bands are core business.

Top Story June 21, 2024

‘First of Its Kind’: A Jesus Film for the Deaf Community
‘First of Its Kind’: A Jesus Film for the Deaf Community
A new movie from Deaf Missions tells the gospel story in American Sign Language.

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