Church Life+Ministry

Up & Comers, Part 1
Fifty evangelical leaders 40 and under.
Did They Have to Die?
Forty years after five missionaries lost their lives in the Ecuadorian jungle, the killers explain what really happened.
Rediscovering the Holy Spirit
Bible scholar Gordon Fee thinks we have domesticated the Holy Spirit and missed the point of his mission
Jerusalem's Living Stones
Will Christianity's oldest church survive the peace process?
Separate and Equal
Martin Luther King dreamed of an integrated society. Boston minister Eugene Rivers thinks it was the wrong dream.
Basic Stott, Part 1
Basic Stott, Part 2
Basic Stott, Part 3
Pulpit King Gardner Taylor Dies at 96
The legend among preachers was known for his passion and eloquence.
ARTICLE: Finding Hope in Africa
Fear of Looking Forward
Close Encounters Across Cultures
What would happen if you just stayed with a group of kids no matter what?
Why We Believe in the Virgin Birth
Pundits with pebbles wander far from the historic gospel.
ARTICLE: Cosmology’s Holy Grail By Hugh Ross
How recent scientific breakthroughs are helping us see Creation in a new way.

Top Story June 23, 2024

‘Going for the Jugular’ Does Not Wash Away Sin
‘Going for the Jugular’ Does Not Wash Away Sin
Why the life and death of disgraced culture warrior Paul Pressler should serve as a warning to all of us.

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