Lauren F. Winner

  • Why Ash Wednesday Belongs out of the Church and out on the Streets
    We suspect that penitence is usually done best when one joins in a community.
  • Lauren Winner: My Top 5 Spiritual Memoirs
    My Top 5 Spiritual Memoirs
  • Winner Reviews <i>Home to Holly Springs</i>
    An Incomplete Reconciliation
    Jan Karon's latest contains all her traditional charms but misses an opportunity.
  • Lauren Winner's Top 5 Books on Sex
    My Top 5 Books on Sex
  • <i>Joyful Exiles</i>' Edgy Spirituality
    Edgy Spirituality
    Exchanging 'techniques and technology for love'.
  • Lauren Winner reviews Dawn Eden
    Practicing Chastity
    A lifelong spiritual discipline for singles and marrieds.
  • Lauren Winner reviews the Other <i>Plan B</i>
    The Other Plan B
    Anne Lamott's sequel to 'Traveling Mercies'.
  • A Narnia Without Lewis or Aslan
    The real surprise in The Giant Surprise, a "brand new Narnia adventure story," isn't the byline.
  • A Jewel of a Writer
    A Jewel of a Writer
    Bret Lott is a true-blue evangelical who writes literary fiction that New York takes seriously (and that Oprah loves).
  • Deeper into Chastity
    Deeper into Chastity
    It was the failures of my sexual history that brought me to see it as sin.