Does baptism with the Holy Spirit happen to everyone when they believe the gospel or does it occur later? Has the gift of prophecy ended in the modern era? What does speaking in tongues really mean?

On this episode of The Russell Moore Show, Christine Caine speaks to these questions and more. As an author, speaker, and co-founder of the anti-slavery nonprofit A21, Caine has a global perspective on the supernatural. She and Moore talk about various beliefs regarding spiritual gifts, why Christians have differing opinions about them, and what the implications are for believing (or not believing) that miraculous gifts still operate today. They talk about the importance of Scripture, possible misuses of prophetic words, and the ultimate purpose of gifts like prophecy or healing: pointing people to Jesus.

Their conversation plays by the “Tell Me Where I’m Wrong” rules: Moore is only allowed to ask questions to better understand the guest’s point of view. If he starts to argue, the guest is supposed to stop him.

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