On the final episode of the Losing Our Religion special series, Russell Moore and Beth Moore answer listener questions as a continuation of the August 9 live event in the prior episode.

Tune in for their answers to these 11 thoughtful inquiries:

  • Considering everything they’ve been through, how do Beth and Russell guard against bitterness?
  • What are their favorite things about Houston, Texas?
  • Why hasn’t the church figured out how to help address the epidemic of loneliness?
  • What do Beth and Russell most appreciate about their SBC upbringings and their current church families?
  • What would they tell someone starting seminary who wants to teach and keep their faith in the long run?
  • In addition to Losing Our Religion, what are three important books for people interested in the future of the evangelical church in America?
  • How do our current news forms contribute to our modern culture, how can believers remain knowledgeable about society while resisting the negative effects of various news mediums, and how much time is faithful to spend on news relative to spending time serving others?
  • What advice does Russell have for pastors leading “Trump-enthusiastic” congregations?
  • What do Beth and Russell love about their current seasons of life and ministry?
  • How might the church effectively engage with culture today?
  • What is giving Beth and Russell the most hope and joy when they think about the future of the church?

This special series of episodes around Russell Moore’s newest book, Losing Our Religion: An Altar Call for Evangelical America, explores the Christian faith in confusing times. Check out the other episodes in the series:

Resources mentioned in this episode include:

Grab a copy of Russell’s new title, Losing Our Religion: An Altar Call for Evangelical America, here!

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