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Predators and Prey: Was Death Part of God’s Plan All Along?
Q&A: A theologian finds God’s care amidst suffering in an evolutionary creation.
Did God Endow All His Creatures with an Appreciation of Beauty?
When it seems the whole world suffers, animals are still offering praise.
God Loves Protected Species. And the Poachers Who Kill Them.
A theocentric conservation effort looks out for both man and nature.
What Humans Have That Machines Don’t
How a theology of personhood cuts against the mechanical metaphors we use to describe ourselves.
Climate Change Divides the US Church. It Unites the Global One.
Why a Christian response to global warming is about more than rising temperatures.
Christians to Science: Leave Animals the Way God Designed Them—Except Mosquitoes
Pew finds 7 in 10 Americans, as well as highly committed evangelicals, say the pesky insects should be genetically engineered to reduce disease.
The Parable of the Lost Pointer
When Ruby went missing, Jesus’ words struck home.
How Dogs Help Us Experience Sabbath RestSubscriber Access Only
An excerpt from 'The Grace of Dogs.'
What Animals Teach Christians about Getting Along
Competition characterizes some creature interactions. So does tenderness and care.
When God Fights Idolatry with Unconventional WeaponsSubscriber Access Only
A better way to read the bizarre story of Elisha and the bears.
A Dead Gorilla Highlights Zoos' Bigger Problem
Animal welfare advocate Karen Swallow Prior discusses the complicated history of caging creatures.
20 Questions: What Evangelicals Think of GMOs, Genetics, Fracking, and MoreSubscriber Access Only
New Pew survey explores attitudes on science, including experimental drugs, animal testing, and space exploration.
Morning Roundup 9/1/15
Arminianism; Planned Parenthood Protests; Animal Welfare
To Kill a PredatorSubscriber Access Only
What is it about this lion’s death that has us so outraged?
Morning Roundup 7/30/15
Saying No; Religious Freedom; Horse Soring
Finding Flight with the FalconsSubscriber Access Only
Considering the peregrine, who are we to think we belong in the air?
Why Faithful Foodies Might Consider Less MeatSubscriber Access Only
Reducetarianism holds a familiar lesson: Everything in moderation.
Wonder on the WebSubscriber Access Only
Links to amazing stuff
High Praise Subscriber Access Only
What’s a bird doing flying above Mt. Everest?
Wonder on the WebSubscriber Access Only
Links to amazing stuff
Top Story July 21, 2019
On Court Prophets and Wilderness Prophets
On Court Prophets and Wilderness Prophets
Christian responses to the president.
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