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Whatever Happened to Gifts of Language, Prophecy, and Healing?
Let’s ask the early church fathers.
Food for Thought: The Theological Life of Pi
The mind-boggling discoveries of computers and what we—and God?—still may never know.
Demonic Cheese-Donkeys and Immortal Peacocks: Augustine Does Science
How a church father loved God with his rational mind.
Glennon Doyle Melton's Gospel of Self-Fulfillment
Why living your truth bravely isn't enough.
Our Beautiful, Broken Christian AncestorsSubscriber Access Only
As a Southerner, I have to grapple with my forebears’ tainted legacy. As a believer, I have to do the same.
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Augustines for the 21st CenturySubscriber Access Only
The church needs more pastors who write and preach top-notch theology.
David Brooks: We Need to Start Talking about Sin and Righteousness AgainSubscriber Access Only
The New York Times columnist asks what it takes to build character in a 'Big Me' culture.
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Morning Roundup 5/5/15
Gordon College; Bernie Sanders; David Brooks
In Defense of 'Worldliness'Subscriber Access Only
There’s nothing wrong with enjoying life on earth. But let Augustine offer a caution.
He Said, She SaidSubscriber Access Only
Memory and its link to justice were a hot topic for 2014's pop culture.
Stop Blaming 'The Culture' for Our Distorted View of GodSubscriber Access Only
David Wells misses the deeper problem with modern-day spirituality
Worship con QuesoSubscriber Access Only
How sensual delights prepare us for the eternal feast.
Out with the Old (Testament)?Subscriber Access Only
Paula Fredriksen ignores the early church's Israelite foundations, producing a selective (but lively) history of the idea of sin.
Restless HeartSubscriber Access Only
This St. Augustine biopic is memorable more for its subject's merit than its own.
How (Not) to Be Worldly: Tracing the Borders of the 'Earthly City'
What the ancient phrase can teach today's Christians about our attempts at cultural transformation.
Back to the FathersSubscriber Access Only
Every turn in Thomas Oden's theology took him further left, until he came face to face with Augustine and Wesley.
Testify!Subscriber Access Only
In nightclubs, coffeehouses, and iPods, true first-person storytelling is becoming a cultural force as it borrows from Christian tradition.
Happiness Now!Subscriber Access Only
We can grab hold of joy in this life, not just in heaven, says theologian Ellen Charry. A review of 'God and the Art of Happiness.'
My Top 5 Biographies of TheologiansSubscriber Access Only
Picks from Timothy George, founding dean of Beeson Divinity School.
Top Story July 20, 2018
The ‘Protestant Work Ethic’ Really Does Fight Poverty
The ‘Protestant Work Ethic’ Really Does Fight Poverty
How Christian discipleship affects household income.
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