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Bibles Get American Pastor Tangled Up in Turkish Politics
In Turkish-controlled northern Cyprus, another Andrew Brunson-style case is brewing.
From Monks and Bells to Apps and Notifications
The church used to keep the tempo of life. Now Silicon Valley is pushing the pace—and pulling the church along with it.
The Scales of Justice Teeter in Human Hands
Human justice may achieve accountability, and perhaps even recompense, but rarely real restoration.
Surprised by Hope
Hope persists in the face of death, but it may not show up where you expect it.
Learning Patience as Artists in Waiting
Matthew Perryman Jones talks patience and adaptation in a difficult year.
Prisons Reopen to Ministry with Recent Visits from Lecrae and Justin Bieber
Prison Fellowship’s “Second Chance Month” corresponds with easing of pandemic restrictions at many facilities.
How 1,000 Black Churches Are Caring For the Earth
A conversation with Kim Noble of Green The Church
10 façons de renouveler votre lecture biblique
Le besoin de graver les Écritures dans nos cœurs est d’autant plus criant cette année.
Por que pastores negros ainda permanecem na Convenção Batista do Sul
Mesmo com as polêmicas em torno de Trump e da teoria crítica de raça que instigaram a saída de alguns líderes das minorias, outros permanecem na maior denominação protestante dos Estados Unidos, pelas vantagens na área de missões.
3 Fewer Hot Spots for Trump-Biden Handover on Religious Freedom
USCIRF chair Gayle Manchin explains why 22nd annual report by US watchdog agency reduces tally of offending nations, yet too many on black list still “don’t seem to care.”
The Derek Chauvin Verdict Is Good. But I’m Still Groaning.
Full justice will come when Jesus returns. In the meantime, we fight for a “foretaste of glory divine.”
What About Summer Camp 2021?
After an incredibly tough year for everyone, especially children, summer camps can offer a welcome respite.
Pastors, Seek Divine Presence Over Performance
How the work of ministry relies on our participation in Christ.
I Laid Down My Islamic Privilege to Preach Jesus Around the World
How a direct descendant of Muhammad met Christ on a crowded Pakistani sidewalk.
Quick To Listen | 1 hr 9 min
Reacting to the Derek Chauvin Conviction
What should we make of the jury’s decision?
Цифровой Дьявол ищет, кого поглотить
Писание и проповедь с трудом могут конкурировать с очарованием («прелестью») новостей и Твиттера.
Examples of Racial Reconciliation Efforts, part 1
A compilation of racial reconciliation resources and efforts as the United States continues to grapple with racial injustice and tension.
Religious Discrimination Complaints Hit 10-Year Low
Workplace accommodation issues persist for Apostolic Pentecostals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Muslims, and others.
Diversity Advocates at Evangelical Colleges: ‘In Some Ways, You’re Seen as a Heretic’
Racial transformation is hard even when Christian schools are committed to change.

Top Story April 22, 2021

Your Presence Is a Living Sermon
Your Presence Is a Living Sermon
Showing up makes God’s love tangible when people need it most.

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