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Penyembuhan untuk Komplementerinisme Berakhir Gagal
Penulis Aimee Byrd berfikir ulang tentang gerakan “Kedewasaan Pria Dan Wanita Yang Alkitabiah.”
Finding Joy in the Simple Gospel Again
As we re-emerge from COVID-19’s initial impact, how will we find joy in sharing the simple gospel again?
Black Lives Matter in the Bible
From Genesis to Revelation, racism runs counter to everything Scripture teaches.
American Bible Society’s New President Sees a Bible Revolution
Robert Briggs will oversee the launch of a Philadelphia-based Bible history center and continue to foster partnerships to accelerate global translations.
Living Water that Satisfies Completely
All of us are thirsty, longing for something that will satisfy us completely.
A cura para o complementarismo deu errado
A escritora Aimee Byrd repensa o movimento “masculinidade bíblica e feminilidade”.
Local Churches Seize the Initiative of Bible TranslationSubscriber Access Only
Advances in technology mean Christians without Scripture don't have to wait.
The Old Testament Tells AllSubscriber Access Only
The Hebrew Scriptures place internal struggles on full display—and teach us a let about spiritual practice.
Even Among Well-Meaning Christians, Being ‘Born Again’ Is Widely MisunderstoodSubscriber Access Only
Recapturing the meaning of a much-stereotyped phrase.
The God of Good Manners?Subscriber Access Only
It’s easy to forget that God is both kingly and courteous.
Want to Love Your Neighbor? Start By Fighting Your Own SinSubscriber Access Only
When we “make every effort to be holy,” it works toward the common good.
The Truth About Angels and Demons Is Staring Us in the Face
Michael Heiser’s books cut through the myths and legends surrounding these supernatural beings.
Died: Francis I. Andersen, Scholar Who Used Computers to Study the Bible
He found ‘awesome reality of a living God’ in the grammar and syntax of Hebrew Scripture.
American Bible Society Responds to Trump Photo Op: Scripture Is ‘More than a Symbol’
Ministry launches free Bible giveaway to encourage the country to open the Word.
Vulnerable Gulf Migrants Offered ‘God’s Karuna’ in Bible Society Outreach
In prayer, aid, and employment, Christian ministries struggle to adapt to the new coronavirus norms.
Para Dietrich Bonhoeffer, o dever cívico começou em casa
Como um passeio por seus aposentos particulares nos ajuda a entender melhor suas responsabilidades públicas - e as nossas.
Bible Museum Must Send One More Artifact Back to Iraq
Auction house covered up false purchase history for Gilgamesh tablet, US Attorney alleges.
What the Bible Says About QAnon
The powerful are scheming. The biggest truths have been hidden. Did the apostle Paul love conspiracy theories?
Asumí que la ciencia tenía todas las respuestas. Entonces empecé a hacer preguntas inconvenientes.
Mi viaje del dogma ateísta a la fe Cristiana fue pavimentado con sorpresas intelectuales y espirituales.
Mengalahkan Kekhawatiran dengan Perjanjian Lama
Tulisan kuno yang tanpa diduga dapat menjadi sumber penopang dalam perjuangan kita melawan tekanan.

Top Story July 4, 2020

Hashtags Hit Too Close to Home
Hashtags Hit Too Close to Home
Racism in America is a white person's sin issue that can only be resolved by white America.

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