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Rick Warren: La Gran Comisión «vayan y enseñen» es también para las mujeres
El expastor de Saddleback comparte por qué cambió su punto de vista sobre las mujeres.
Where Drugs Often Merit Death, Singapore Ministries Offer New Life
More than 70 percent of the country’s inmates are jailed for drug-related offenses. Christian groups seek to help them reenter society.
Gen Z Christians Want Leaders to Keep It Real
That means dropping the façade and admitting their own struggles.
These 3 Japanese Christian Women Changed Their Country
Meet an early evangelist, an education reformer, and a preacher who held Bible studies with the royal family.
The Bulletin Episode 17|1 hr 3min
Indict, In Debt, Indeed!
The impact of indictment, breaking down the bank collapse, and the portrayal of Christians in Hollywood.
Junia, the Female Apostle Imprisoned for the Gospel
What Scripture tells us about the story of this “outstanding” Jewish woman in chains.
Criminal or Not, Trump’s Case Is a Moral Test for Christians
The former president’s potential arrest shows that character does matter.
Sindrom Down Anak Saya Menunjukkan kepada Saya Imago Dei yang Sebenarnya
Ini sama sekali tidak terlihat seperti yang saya kira.
Merayakan Kebangunan Rohani di Zaman yang Sinis
Kebangunan rohani Asbury mengingatkan kita bahwa Tuhan bekerja dengan cara yang tidak dapat kita kendalikan.
Morir al yo indispensable
Tal vez Jesús nos dio el mandamiento de negar las formas predeterminadas de valorarnos y medirnos a nosotros mismos.
Viral JesusEpisode 65|50min
These Brothers Are ‘Just Different’
As co-hosts of a successful podcast on faith and culture, siblings Jordan and Darin Starks learned that God isn’t looking for perfection, just availability.
Ma dernière cène avec la famille de Dieu
En réponse à notre faiblesse, le Christ nous présente son dernier repas.
Nacionalismo cristiano: una confusión persistente
Si queremos combatir ideas peligrosas, necesitamos tener definiciones claras.
Hillsong Says It Is Moving Forward
New revelations will require increased accountability, but pastor wants to look to the future.
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Paid Content for Jewish Voice Ministries International
Passover Has Come. Passover Will Come Again.
Understanding Jesus' death and resurrection in light of the ancient Jewish feast.
The Russell Moore ShowEpisode 45|49min
Beth Moore Speaks Out
The Bible teacher and author returns to talk about her new memoir.
Christians, Stop ‘Giving Up God’ for Lent
In an age of functional atheism, ‘tis the season for traditional fasting and prayer.
Faith Leaders, Let's Embrace the Racial/Ethnic Identity of Young People of Color
Young BIPOC don't leave their ethnic/racial identity at the door when they walk into their places of worship—and they don’t want to.

Top Story March 24, 2023

Gen Z Christians Want Leaders to Keep It Real
Gen Z Christians Want Leaders to Keep It Real
That means dropping the façade and admitting their own struggles.

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