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She Shaped Me: 10 Exemplars of Faith
Christian leaders reflect on the women from history who’ve influenced them.
What Is Evangelicalism?
A simple definition based in doctrine, history, or sociology won’t do. But a vibrant stream really does exist.
How a Humble Evangelist Changed Christianity As We Know It
Churches were divided. Believers eschewed cultural influence. Liberal modernism was on the move. Then God made Billy Graham.
Why the Enslaved Adopted the Religion of Their Masters—and Transformed It
The story of early African-American Christianity proves the power of the Resurrection against oppression.
Religious Life on the High Seas
An interview with Stephen Berry about faith and seafaring when the world traveled mostly by ship.
Why Two Tombs Compete for Jesus' Burial
Historic renovations at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre won't change some Protestants' preference for the Garden Tomb.
The Cliff Barrows I Knew
Billy Graham's friend and music director was a man of joyful faith shaped by his love of Scripture.
In Memory: The Man Who Brought Harmony to Billy Graham’s Ministry
Music director Cliff Barrows served for decades with a peaceful spirit and joyful song.
‘Why Christianity Today’ Revisited
The first editorial for this magazine—reprinted here—still reflects our ‘deepfelt desire.’
How the American Bible Society Became EvangelicalSubscriber Access Only
A look back at a major turning point in the 200-year history of the storied organization.
The First Thanksgiving We Don’t RememberSubscriber Access Only
Bad fortune, divine chastisement, and mercy after the Pilgrims feasted with the Wampanoag.
The Handsome, Pun-Loving Missionary Who Teased PopesSubscriber Access Only
Columbanus died 1,400 years ago this month, having re-evangelized Western Europe.
‘I Cannot Give Myself to Painting’Subscriber Access Only
Why one of the greatest Victorian artists walked away.
Before We Conquer, Have We Tried Love and Prayers?Subscriber Access Only
Remembering the first missionary to Muslims, 700 years after his death.
Pope Apologizes to 'First Evangelicals' for PersecutionSubscriber Access Only
The Waldensians suffered years of massacre, rape, and pillaging during the Catholic Church’s attempt to stomp it out.
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A Historian’s Reckoning with the PastSubscriber Access Only
Grant Wacker reflects on how and why we look back.
Why You Can't Read Scripture AloneSubscriber Access Only
Studying the Bible in light of the Great Tradition.
Top 10 Books on the Protestant ReformationSubscriber Access Only
A Reformation Day list, picked by historians and theologians.
The Dead White Poet You Need in Your LifeSubscriber Access Only
Why 17th-century poet George Herbert is making a comeback.
Francis Chan: Stop Treating the Book of Acts Like Hyperbole
Francis Chan: Stop Treating the Book of Acts Like Hyperbole
The former megachurch pastor asks today’s churches to measure their practices against the New Testament standard.
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