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El tiroteo en la escuela de Uvalde me dirige a Mateo 18
Jesús dio instrucciones específicas sobre el cuidado de los «más pequeños». La tragedia que tuvo lugar en Texas indica que la iglesia ha fallado.
Gereja Lansia Taiwan di California Diserang oleh Penembak
Para anggota jemaat menunjukkan “kepahlawanan dan keberanian yang luar biasa” saat mereka mengejar pria bersenjata itu, yang menewaskan satu orang dan melukai lima orang lainnya.
Los pastores de Uvalde están en duelo por las pérdidas
Un líder bautista hispano se centra en atender a su familia tras la muerte de su bisnieta en el tiroteo.
The Uvalde School Shooting Sends Me to Matthew 18
Jesus gave specific instructions on caring for the “little ones.” The Texas tragedy suggests the church has gravely fallen short.
Fomos evangelizar uma tribo remota na Amazônia. Descobrimos que eles já estavam esperando por nós
Como jovens missionários brasileiros, aprendemos a depender de Deus e das pessoas que viajamos para alcançar.
15 Prayers for a Violent World
In an age weary with suffering, how can we pray?
Passion Rekindled: Oberammergau Easter Play Returns with Great Joy
Tourists and pilgrims flock to German village as 1,800 local actors prepare to take the stage after pandemic interruption.
The Grief in Ukraine and Our Chance to Live Out the Christian Promise
Rebuilding the destruction of war is more than just fixing roads or cleaning up cities, but bringing true healing.
Uvalde Pastors Mourn Losses Close to Home
A Hispanic Baptist leader focuses on ministering to his family after his great-granddaughter dies in the school shooting.
Buffalo’s Black Christians Grieve the ‘Evil Among Us’
Angry but not shocked at racist violence, the victims' families at funerals this week have a prayer: Let these deaths not be in vain.
When Churches Become Mafias
The recent SBC abuse report shows that churches often prioritize tribal unity and safety over “divisive” truth.
O apocalipse da Convenção Batista
A investigação sobre os abusos revelou mais perversidades até do que eu imaginei
A Destroyed Cuban Church Sits on Prime Tourism Real Estate
Devastated in the Havana hotel explosion, the historic Calvary Baptist Church—like many other congregations across the island—will face a drawn-out battle with the government to restore its building.
After Raising a Hallelujah, Bethel Music CEO Leaves Redding
Joel Taylor, who directed the popular label since the beginning, has resigned.
Ecclesiastes Is the Story of Abel Writ Large
Biblical Hebrew uses similar names for “vanity” and the slain brother. That’s no accident.
Viral JesusEpisode 33|45min
Khristi Lauren Adams: Platforms, Publishing, and Parables
How the author of "Unbossed" and "Parable of the Brown Girl" is inspiring a new generation of Black Christian women.
For Such a Month As This: Free Trauma-Informed Spiritual and Emotional Care Resources
Practical training and tools for responding to traumatic events–from mass shootings to the SBC sexual abuse scandal.

Top Story May 28, 2022

Ecclesiastes Is the Story of Abel Writ Large
Ecclesiastes Is the Story of Abel Writ Large
Biblical Hebrew uses similar names for “vanity” and the slain brother. That’s no accident.

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