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Worship Leaders Hit with Pandemic Burnout
Music ministry has always been demanding, but the past two years have made it unsustainable for some.
Taking Kids to Church Matters More Than the ‘Right’ School, Study Suggests
Even faith-based education has less impact than religious attendance.
Nous en avons trop fait à propos du genre
Comment se réapproprier une identité plus significative que sa masculinité ou sa féminité ?
Le corps garde la foi
La vie spirituelle se poursuit malgré la désorientation due à la démence.
Four Ways to Do Better When You Want to Deliver a Harsh Comment Online
Instead of letting social media get the best of us, consider how we can be genuine ambassadors for Christ online.
Os novos cânticos de adoração duram apenas alguns anos
Estudo detecta uma rotatividade cada vez maior para as músicas cantadas na igreja.
Lecciones de soltería que aprendí de los primeros cristianos
La historia del celibato cristiano es más complicada de lo que nos gustaría pensar.
O cosmo está mais povoado do que você pensa
Como uma oração antiga e um bebê recém-nascido mudaram minha perspectiva sobre os anjos.
Miracles Are Outlasting the Arguments Against Them
New Testament scholar Craig Keener investigates contemporary accounts of “signs and wonders,” while suggesting that many grounds for skepticism are behind the times.
Three Practical Ways to Engage in Online Peacemaking
How reflecting the servant attitude of Christ in our online engagement makes us effective ambassadors.
10 oraciones por el año 2022
2021 fue un año lleno de pruebas y dificultades para muchos. Aquí algunas ideas para orar por un mejor 2022.
No, la libertad religiosa no envía a las personas al infierno
Por qué los cristianos deberían apoyar la idea de que nuestro gobierno se mantenga al margen de los asuntos religiosos.
Francine Rivers Wants ‘Redeeming Love’ to Draw People to Christ
It’s the story of Hosea—but steamier.
During the Synagogue Standoff, We Showed Up to Help Our Neighbors. We Ended Up Praying Together.
Texas pastor Bob Roberts Jr. led prayer among interfaith clergy who were there to support the rabbi’s family and local authorities throughout the Colleyville hostage crisis.
Texas Pregnancy Centers See Clientele Shift After Abortion Ban
With the Heartbeat Act restricting abortions after six weeks, the women coming in for tests are earlier along, more confused, and more desperate.
What’s New in Evangelical Views on Abortion? The Age Gap
Between 2016 and 2020, younger white evangelicals started to shift away from pro-life positions while older ones solidified their stances.

Top Story January 25, 2022

Blessed Are Those Who Embody the Beautitudes
Blessed Are Those Who Embody the Beautitudes
As we search for meaning in the “blessings,” we must let them transform us.

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