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Ethiopia Grants Autonomy to Evangelical Heartland
After historic and nearly unanimous referendum, Sidama declared 10th regional state.
Ethiopians Protest Church Burnings as Ethnic Tensions Rise
After a dramatic October, some say Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed must earn his Nobel Peace Prize.
Ethiopia’s Evangelical Prime Minister Wins Nobel Peace Prize
Recognized for stewarding a breakthrough peace agreement with Eritrea with a “revivalist” spirit, Abiy Ahmed also helped end a historic church schism among the Orthodox.
Churches Are Saving Ethiopia’s Last Remaining Native TreesSubscriber Access Only
How Tewahedo Orthodox theology led congregations to become an oasis of forest conservation.
Is the World’s Next Missions Movement in Ethiopia?Subscriber Access Only
Ethiopian churches no longer want to be on the receiving end of the Great Commission.
Evangelical Ethiopian Helps End Orthodox Schism
Africa’s youngest head of state heals the wounds of one of its oldest churches.
Two Slave Brothers Birthed Africa’s Oldest State Church
The history of the Axum Empire and Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church.
NGO No-Go: More Countries Make Christian Charity Harder to Give and ReceiveSubscriber Access Only
China's restrictions on foreign NGOs are the latest in a concerning trend.
The 10 Most-Read Stories of the Persecuted ChurchSubscriber Access Only
China removes 400 crosses, the US deports Iraqi Christians, and ISIS beheads dozens.
Why Christians Are Fleeing One of Africa's Oldest and Largest Christian HomelandsSubscriber Access Only
Beyond the search for a better life, evangelicals and Orthodox in Ethiopia increasingly share even more.
More Martyrs: ISIS Executes Dozens of Ethiopian Christians in LibyaSubscriber Access Only
Propaganda video released the same day Justin Welby arrives in Cairo to honor the previous 21 victims.
Family Planning Through a Global LensSubscriber Access Only
The developing world requires us to look at contraception as a pro-life cause.
Adoption Horror Stories Aren't the Whole StorySubscriber Access Only
'The Child Catchers' demonizes overseas adoption through agenda-driven journalism.
Our Lenten Thirst for JusticeSubscriber Access Only
40 days drinking, walking, and raising big bucks for clean water.
The Gospel Hand-OffSubscriber Access Only
After a setback due to illness, one missionary couple had to give their ministry away. Why they're happy about it.
A Crackdown on International AdoptionsSubscriber Access Only
The rate of adoptions in Ethiopia has declined 90 percent.
Undoing the Famine DamageSubscriber Access Only
If the famine in the Horn of Africa is manmade, human intervention can end the crisis.
Growing in the WordSubscriber Access Only
What the Ethiopian Orthodox have learned from the expansion of evangelicals.
Famine in East Africa: Who Cares?Subscriber Access Only
Several Christian NGOs are on the move, provided they can get the appropriate funds.
Ethiopia's River of DeathSubscriber Access Only
A handful of tribal Christians are fighting child sacrifice.

Top Story July 11, 2020

The Long Obedience of Racial Justice
The Long Obedience of Racial Justice
To bear the image of God is a declaration of dignity that challenges power.

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