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Why the COVID-19 Crisis Might Be Good News for MarriageSubscriber Access Only
The rise of the coronavirus means the welcome demise of the soulmate model of matrimony.
The Tirade That Made Me a ChristianSubscriber Access Only
After an unwelcome move halfway across the world, I vented my anger to God. Then I learned to give him control.
Our July/August Issue: Put a Ring on It?Subscriber Access Only
The future of marriage may depend on good marriages.
Facing the Lions of Fatherhood
The ‘roar’ of earthly fathers can be powerful and painful, but God’s roar is louder.
What You Never Expect When You’re Expecting? Another Outbreak
While pregnant during Zika and the coronavirus, God disrupted my plans, changed my life, and rebuilt my faith.
Christians Fight to Bring Adopted Kids Home from Overseas
The pandemic left families stranded, plans delayed, and some adoptions called off entirely, following a year of historic lows and increased government regulations.
The Uncertain Ministry of an Adult Child of an Alcoholic
Recognizing the effects of my childhood has led me to a healthier mindset as a pastor.
Want a Healthy Society? Support MomsSubscriber Access Only
How politicians and leaders on both the Left and Right fail to adequately aid mothers.
20 Ways to Help Your Children Process the Pandemic
In these seasons of crisis, in our all-important busyness, there is often a subtle temptation to overlook the precious little lives that dwell in our very homes.
We May Be ‘Safer at Home.’ But Many At-Risk Kids Aren’t.
The rising demand for foster families presents an opportunity for the church.
After Stillbirth, Families Search for DignitySubscriber Access Only
A growing industry in perinatal care allows parents a proper goodbye.
Can Christian Streaming Services Last Alongside Netflix and Disney+?Subscriber Access Only
Faith-driven streaming services can’t compete with the ever-growing number of entertainment giants flooding into homes. But maybe they don’t have to.
There’s a New Kind of Pregnancy Center on the BlockSubscriber Access Only
Today’s generation of Christian leaders is making the movement more effective by taking a broader look at community dynamics.
A Christian Case for Reading Godless Books
Novels like "Girl, Woman, Other" offer something precious: passports to the worlds of unbelievers.
Can Social Distancing Reinvent Youth Ministry?
During this pandemic, youth leaders have the opportunity to reexamine discipleship models and measurements.
Women: Don’t Bury Your Leadership Gifts
That persistent sense of calling isn’t a fatal feminine flaw, but an invitation to walk intimately with God.
F.A.M.I.L.Y Worship during COVID-19
We all want to lead our children well during this unprecedented time.
The Case for Sheltering in Place Without Screens
Our lives have gotten smaller. We can also make them simpler.
I Was Warned to Keep My Distance from ‘Infidels.’ Then One Prayed for My Family.Subscriber Access Only
How a son of the Arabian Gulf met the Son of God in a strange new place.
Youth Ministry Needs Less Fun and More JoySubscriber Access Only
The collapse of an older, activities-driven model has created room for a gospel-centered alternative.

Top Story July 5, 2020

Hashtags Hit Too Close to Home
Hashtags Hit Too Close to Home
Racism in America is a white person's sin issue that can only be resolved by white America.

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