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Irenaeus of Lyon
Passionate Apologist to the Gnostics
Jean Vanier’s Faith Convicts All of Us
We have much to learn from the Catholic activist and writer.
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France Loves Notre Dame. Do They Still Believe the Faith That Inspired It?
The plethora of challenges confronting the faithful after a long and bitter divorce between church and state.
At Notre Dame, Good Friday Came Early
The cathedral’s famous Gothic form, which proclaimed Christ in shape and structure, will never die.
France Punishes Pro-Life Websites for False AdvertisingSubscriber Access Only
Meanwhile, US states split on disclosures by Christian pregnancy centers.
France and Nigeria Mourn Clergy Killed by Terrorists
France's Jacques Hamel wasn't the only Christian leader killed this summer.
Why It’s So Hard to Resist Grieving on Social MediaSubscriber Access Only
We’d rather care imperfectly than appear like we don’t care at all.
The Mystery of Hope in ParisSubscriber Access Only
Why we light candles at a time like this.
We Are All Parisians Now: A Christian Response to Global Terror and Radical Islam
How can we respond in a uniquely Christian way to the horror in Paris?
The Instant Gratification of #JeSuisCharlieSubscriber Access Only
Waiting for deeper engagement amid our hashtag activism.
How a French Atheist Becomes a Theologian
Inside my own revolution.
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Algeria's Protestants Demand Return of Churches Used by Other CharitiesSubscriber Access Only
Embattled Christians are seeking legal avenues to get their property back—but they haven't had much luck yet.
Why Churches Worship Illegally—In ParisSubscriber Access Only
Evangelical churches are multiplying but lack space to grow.
Christianity Thrives among 'Gypsies' Despite PrejudiceSubscriber Access Only
Roma Revival: Missionary efforts continue to succeed.
Louis IX
Saintly king of France
One Nation Under SecularismSubscriber Access Only
France's peculiar aversion to public religiosity is rooted in a sordid history of sectarian violence.
Redeeming the Memory of the HolocaustSubscriber Access Only
French president's plan shows promise but carries a potential problem.
Taking Revival to the WorldSubscriber Access Only
Australia's largest and most influential church extends its reach to London, Paris, and Kiev.
Not the Wheel ThingSubscriber Access Only
A history of the Tour de France.
Face Off—and Back OnSubscriber Access Only
Face transplants raise more questions than answers.
Knowing God's Love is Impossible
Knowing God's Love is Impossible
At least for us. But for God, nothing is impossible.
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