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The 13 Persecuted Christians Chosen by the State Department to Share Their Stories with the World
At this week's second Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom, 30 survivors from 19 countries from all faiths were given a global platform in Washington DC.
The Nazis Persecuted Him. The Soviets Killed Him. Today He’s Barely Known.Subscriber Access Only
James Edwards’s biography recovers the memory of German theologian Ernst Lohmeyer.
The Bonhoeffer That History Overlooked
In 1946, a man named Ernst Lohmeyer disappeared from East Germany. It took me three decades to piece together his story.
Bavaria Requires Crosses on All Public Buildings. Church Leaders Disagree.
German Christians debate whether conservative state’s new law honors or hijacks the core symbol of their faith.
Give Protestants a Taste of Catholic Communion, German Bishops Tell Vatican
Proposal to let non-Catholic spouses share the Eucharist goes before Rome’s theological watchdog on Thursday.
What Politics Can (and Can’t) Do to Prevent Another Holocaust
Good governments can slow the spread of genocide, but they can’t stop people from becoming genocidal.
Christian Refugees in Germany Report High Levels of Religious Violence
Sharing resettlement centers with Muslims can be dangerous for Christian asylum-seekers, Open Doors reports.
Is Germany’s Refugee Crisis a Muslim Mission Field? Subscriber Access Only
Christian denomination of 3 million says 'strategic mission' to convert Muslims goes against 'the spirit' of Jesus.
3 Historical Streams of the Missional Church Stream Part 3: The Missio Dei Stream
What is the missio dei movement and what are its tragic downfalls?
Would You Share the Gospel with Hitler's Worst Henchmen?Subscriber Access Only
Meet Henry Gerecke, the American chaplain who embodied Christ’s mission to seek the lost, no matter how loathsome.
Bonhoeffer Against the WorldSubscriber Access Only
How did a young man with no apparent power become a hero of the faith? A new biography explains.
New Poverty-Fighting Alliance LaunchesSubscriber Access Only
World Relief, Germany-based PartnerAid combine to grow programs, donor base.
'The Romeikes Can Stay': Good News for German Home-Schooling Family Denied AsylumSubscriber Access Only
Family no longer faces deportation, despite Supreme Court punting on whether home schooling is a religious freedom.
Germany Seizes 40 Christian Kids over Spanking ConcernsSubscriber Access Only
(UPDATED) Accused of child abuse, Christian sect of Rastafari movement has made past moves toward orthodoxy.
The Other Iranian RevolutionSubscriber Access Only
In 'godless' eastern Germany, Iranian refugees surprise pastors with their interest in Christianity.
Redeeming Bonhoeffer (The Book)Subscriber Access Only
The problem with Eric Metaxas's portrayal of the German hero as an evangelical.
The Authentic BonhoefferSubscriber Access Only
Eric Metaxas explains how the German theologian lived a life worth examining.
World War II Bomb Revisits PastSubscriber Access Only
The Christian's duty to promote peace is now.
Asylum SurpriseSubscriber Access Only
Decision for home-schoolers pushes persecution boundaries.
Bonhoeffer Stood FastSubscriber Access Only
Martyred German pastor showed theology has consequences.
Top Story July 21, 2019
On Court Prophets and Wilderness Prophets
On Court Prophets and Wilderness Prophets
Christian responses to the president.
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