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Cómo la arqueología afirmó la importancia histórica de David
Alguna vez, la «casa de David» parecía un cuento popular. Ahora, las rocas dan testimonio de su significado histórico.
Our Church Lost Three Men to Suicide in Two Years
As a pastor, I’ve learned that the church can play a vital role in helping members with mental health issues.
Shaken Yet Stirred: Turkish Christians Advise Moroccan Church on Earthquake Aid
From Istanbul to Marrakesh, disaster relief can help Muslim-background believers legitimize their faith. But first, say Turks, the church must be united.
AI Has No Place in the Pulpit
Technology can serve the church. But it can’t replace the good, frustrating, endless work of ministry.
La mise en péril du plan américain de lutte contre le VIH inquiète les chrétiens africains.
Les habitants des pays où le programme PEPFAR a sauvé des millions de vies se sentent laissés de côté dans les débats en cours aux États-Unis.
The Russell Moore ShowEpisode 73|39min
Meaning, Money, and Affection: What We’re Reading
Russell and producer Ashley Hales talk books.
Реакція російських євангельських християн на справу найбільш розшукуваного російського баптиста
Колишній голова Союзу баптистів виїхав за кордон, ставши першим протестантом, проти якого було висунуто звинувачення в протидії війні в Україні. На батьківщині його підтримують не всі.
Реакция российских евангельских христиан на дело самого разыскиваемого российского баптиста
Бывший глава Союза баптистов выехал за границу, став первым протестантом, против которого были выдвинуты обвинения в противодействии войне в Украине. На родине его поддерживают не все.
팀 켈러가 그의 추도식을 위해 선택한 6곡의 찬송가
고인이 된 목사는 우리에게 어떻게 살아야 하는지, 그리고 어떻게 죽어야 하는지 가르쳐주었다.
Refugee Resettlement Begins to Rebound After Historic Lows
Still, fewer persecuted Christians have been able to flee to the US.
Ne vous conformez pas aux habitudes de l’IA.
Si nous faisons notre travail comme des robots, les robots finiront par nous le prendre.
Where Ya From?Episode 53|1 hr 8min
The Origins of a Humble Beast with Propaganda
How the rapper and spoken-word artist blends art and activism as an expression of faith.
Fly Me to the Moon: Praying for Peace this Mid-Autumn Festival
A former NASA R&D director contemplates how faith in God has shaped lunar explorations.
COVID and the Church Episode 2|49min
Chapter 1: Pain and Loss (of Presence)
Pandemic challenges and battles, especially the loss of presence, inflicted deep and lasting wounds on pastoral leaders.
COVID and the Church Episode 1|36min
Why and What? Introduction
Many of our assumptions about the pandemic’s impact on American churches are incorrect or incomplete. What actually happened? And why talk about this now?
COVID and the Church Episode 0|1min
Trailer: COVID and the Church
How did COVID-19 impact the American church?
Pastors Wonder About Church Members Who Never Came Back Post-Pandemic
New research shows disagreement over COVID-19 policies drove changes in attendance, but “a lot of it is a mystery.”
COVID-19 Hit Black Churches Harder, but They Weathered It Better
New research shows how Black churches suffered during the pandemic. But these congregations also found unity where others were torn apart.

Top Story September 27, 2023

AI Has No Place in the Pulpit
AI Has No Place in the Pulpit
Technology can serve the church. But it can’t replace the good, frustrating, endless work of ministry.

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