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O Que os Acadêmicos Céticos Admitem Sobre as Aparições de Jesus Após a Ressurreição
A evidência histórica é clara: aqueles que afirmaram vê-lo ressuscitado devem ter visto alguma coisa.
What Skeptical Scholars Admit about the Resurrection Appearances of Jesus
The historical evidence is clear: Those who claimed to see him risen must have seen something.
부활은 상징이 아닙니다. 사실입니다.
빈 무덤은 하나님의 사랑이 죽음을 이긴 증거입니다. 이 진실은 우리와 무관하게 변하지 않습니다.
This Easter, The Weary World Rejoices. But First It Grieves.
As a widow, I have newfound appreciation for why the mourning of Holy Saturday is indispensable to the journey toward joy.
Alone on a Friday: Isolation, Identify, and the Forsaken Savior of the World
If being alone during this pandemic is especially hard, look to the One who experienced loneliness at a level we never will precisely because he faced what he did for us on the cross.
If Easter Is Only a Symbol, Then to Hell with It
The empty tomb is evidence that God’s love triumphs over death. That truth endures with or without us.
Christ Suffered for Our Sins, but He Didn’t Go to Hell for Them
A theologian explores what did (and didn’t) happen on Holy Saturday.
What Matters Is That We Remember
Jesus’ last Passover was our first Communion.
One-on-One with Walter Kim on the NAE’s Day of Fasting & Prayer on Good Friday
While some of today’s evangelicals may not be as practiced in fasting, our evangelical predecessors fasted regularly to deepen their spiritual vitality.
How to Prepare Your Heart for Holy Week This Year
No plague has ever altered the truth of redemption, and this novel virus doesn’t change the reality that Holy Week and Easter reveal.
This is Probably the Most Spiritually-Receptive Week in Our Lifetime—Will You Share?
We are in a season to share Christ like few we will ever experience.
This Holy Week, Linger at the Cross
Explore CT's special issue for the Easter season.
Have Yourself a Bittersweet Easter
A typical Holy Week is out of reach this year. That's cause for lament—and celebration.
Easter Pageant Started by Pandemic in 1633 Canceled by COVID-19
The famous Oberammergau Passion Play draws half a million people once a decade to watch small German village perform the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.
Before Christ Rose, He Was Dead
The truth of Holy Saturday is that God is with us, even in our mortality.
Love That Will Not Let Go
Mary Magdalene both clung to the risen Christ and went out to bear witness.
Why ‘Being Christian Without the Church’ Fails the Good Friday Test
According to the gospel of John, the cross casts us into community.
Easter Joy Belongs to the Melancholy
The celebration of Christ’s resurrection stands in contrast to Christmas joy.
Christ's Confident Resolve
What Jesus' arrest and trial can teach us about facing opposition.
Suffering and Submission in Gethsemane
Even as Jesus struggled, he was resolute about what he wanted most of all.

Top Story September 26, 2020

What Pastors See as the ‘New Normal’ for Preaching After the Pandemic
What Pastors See as the ‘New Normal’ for Preaching After the Pandemic
COVID-19’s ministry disruptions are generating lasting insights.

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