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White Pastors: Our Decision to Show Up Matters
It takes humility to be an ally. Even if we make mistakes, we need to do it.
What Do Pastors Need Today? Assessing Our Status in Order to Move Ahead
Pastor, you’re not doing well as you want to be… and that’s ok.
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Church Will Never Be the Same. And That’s Good.
Disruption creates the environment where lasting transformation takes place.
The Uncertain Ministry of an Adult Child of an Alcoholic
Recognizing the effects of my childhood has led me to a healthier mindset as a pastor.
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Pastoring in a Pandemic
Empower your people. Mobilize the church.
My Experience as a Trauma Chaplain Helped Me Fight Anxiety
Identifying our fears can better help us pastor ourselves and others better.
Considering When and How to Reopen Your Church
A panel of public health & ministry experts share their insights on navigating this next COVID-19 phase.
Pastoring the Bereaved During COVID-19
"The joy of our hearts has ceased; dancing has been turned to mourning." Lamentations 5:15
Churches Streamline to Stay Afloat
COVID-19's impact and the financial fallout
Darrin Patrick’s Death, His Love for Pastors, and How We Need One Another
Darrin’s death is not the last word on his life. His love for pastors—and his concern for their mental health and thriving—can be part of our response today.
Died: Darrin Patrick, Who Used His Fall and Restoration to Help Struggling Pastors
(UPDATED) The St. Louis pastor spoke up about the difficulties faced by leaders and critiqued “celebrity culture” in ministry.
Short-Term and Long-Term Effects of COVID-19 on the Church in America
As we slowly emerge out from sheltering in place to a “new” normal, what will the new normal look like for churches in America?
Spiritual First Aid: Church Leaders on What the Church Needs Now
Insights from the Spiritual First Aid Summit
Resilient Church Leaders, Part 5: Responding to People in the Church Who are Suffering When We Disagree
When considering the prospect of challenging another person’s beliefs or understandings, especially when he or she is in pain, it is rarely wise to rush in on an impulse.
CT en français: Le Coronavirus et l’Église
Que dit la Bible sur le COVID-19? Comment les chrétiens et les Églises devraient-ils y répondre? Lisez ici pour en savoir plus.
Resilient Church Leaders, Part 4: Supporting Church Leadership and Pastors
When life stressors overwhelm a person’s ability to manage his or her life, he or she will likely break down and may grow sad and anxious.
Why COVID-19 Is the Time for Spiritual First Aid
Join NT Wright, Danielle Strickland, Efrem Smith, and others at the Spiritual First Aid Summit.
Prayer in a Pandemic, Part Three
Prayer and proclamation.
6 Ways to Shepherd When You Can’t See the Sheep
In the wake of our pandemic, many godly shepherds are now faced with the daunting challenge of shepherding from a distance.
The Noonday Demon in Our Distracted Age
What to do when a Netflix binge brings you more joy than God’s calling.

Top Story June 5, 2020

Singing the Songs of Injustice
Singing the Songs of Injustice
Biblical, angry, congregational worship can help transform our hearts and churches.

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