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Growing Hair for Jesus, German Village Plans for 2022
World-famous Oberammergau Passion Play prepares for post-pandemic return.
Died: Larry Crabb, Christian Counselor Who Kept Exploring
Author of ‘Effective Biblical Counseling,’ ‘Inside Out,' ‘Shattered Dreams,’ and ‘SoulTalk’ taught that aching souls long for the Triune God.
Which Is Worse: the Guilty Freed or the Innocent Punished?
New study examines how your race and view of Scripture shape your answer.
Why It Feels So Disappointing to Sing to the Lord a Remote Song
Lessons from a year without corporate worship.
Being Samaritans to Those Brutalized by Beijing
The American church must not pass by the chance to welcome and help Hong Kongers and Uighurs.
Has the Pandemic Increased Human Trafficking?
Survivor Maylissa Luby says it's time for the church to step up.
We're Not Here
Pat Sawyer: Cautions Regarding CRT
The second of three posts on Dr. Sawyer's thoughts and concerns about CRT.
Un mot des éditeurs concernant l'enquête sur Ravi Zacharias
Pourquoi nous publions de mauvaises nouvelles touchant des personnalités chrétiennes, même après leur décès.
Ravi Zacharias dissimulait des centaines de photos de femmes, des abus lors de massages et une allégation de viol
Le ministère qu’il avait fondé s’apprête à une restructuration en profondeur et regrette la « confiance démesurée » accordée à un dirigeant qui s'est servi de l'estime dont il jouissait pour dissimuler son inconduite sexuelle.
Les prophéties non réalisées concernant Trump nous invitent à l’humilité
Au lieu de persécuter des prophètes qui se sont repentis, nous ferions mieux de nous joindre à eux.
‘The Mandalorian’ Can Teach Us How to Navigate Crises of Faith
The Golden Globe nominee shows us what happens when “the Way” really isn’t.
5 Tips for Getting a Job in Humanitarian Aid
Practical tips from a recent graduate
A carta máis querida de Paulo foi confiada a unha muller
Coñece a Febe, a primeira intérprete de Romanos. 
Sobrevivir a COVID-19 en España enfocou a miña fe
Seis leccións para as igrexas do presidente da Alianza Evangélica Española. 
Lent Lifts Us Up Where We Belong
These 40 days of self-denial might seem painful during a pandemic. But the habits of “tedious love” are just what we need right now.
Pat Sawyer: What is CRT and Should We Be Concerned?
The first of three posts on Dr. Sawyer's thoughts and concerns about CRT.
Adopting Hope | 49 min
Empathy and Ethnicity
How God prepared Joyce and Timothy Dalrymple to adopt their daughter from China.
Tanzania’s President Focused on Prayer as Coronavirus Cases Climbed
East African nation has no plans in place to accept COVID-19 vaccines.
The Bloody Conflict Dividing Ethiopia’s Christians
A shared faith isn’t sufficient in preventing ethnic violence.

Top Story March 5, 2021

Ordinary Life Is Crammed with Heaven
Ordinary Life Is Crammed with Heaven
How our senses can point the way to God’s presence.

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