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The Three Horizons of Old Testament Prophecy
The prophets launch their words into the future. Where do they land?
You Shall Know Them by Their ClothesSubscriber Access Only
What we learn about Bible figures from the clothing they put on, take off, and tear apart.
How to Tell the Difference Between a Prophet and a CrankSubscriber Access Only
Truly biblical prophecy strengthens the church—without adding anything to the Bible.
Whatever Happened to Gifts of Language, Prophecy, and Healing?Subscriber Access Only
Let’s ask the early church fathers.
When God Fights Idolatry with Unconventional WeaponsSubscriber Access Only
A better way to read the bizarre story of Elisha and the bears.
Inside the Popular, Controversial Bethel ChurchSubscriber Access Only
Some visitors claim to be healed. Others claim to receive direct words from God. Is it 'real'--or dangerous?
Leadership, Prophecy, and Criticism
What does biblical prophecy look like, and how does it apply to us today?
What We Mean by ProphecySubscriber Access Only
We all need a word of judgment—and of hope.
Survey Surprise: Many Americans See Syria as Sign of Bible's End TimesSubscriber Access Only
How LifeWay's unexpected findings compare to other assessments of Armageddon.
Harold Camping Is (Sort of) RightSubscriber Access Only
Jesus will put an end to this earth—but that is not the end of the story.
Harold Camping's Rapture Campaign: Can He Be Sued for Fraud?Subscriber Access Only
As an atheist group asks the California attorney general for action, legal scholars say efforts are almost certainly doomed.
What to Do with Aunt JulieSubscriber Access Only
Harold Camping and our problem relatives.
Who Gets Left Behind?Subscriber Access Only
How end times theories shape the ways we view our earthly abode.
The Enduring ChurchSubscriber Access Only
Believers in every age worry about the collapse of the faith.
It's the End of the World, and We Love ItSubscriber Access Only
We're flocking to movies about the last days, even in the midst of a penny-pinching recession. Why?
Fund Raising: Did Oral Roberts Go Too Far?Subscriber Access Only
The television evangelist links receiving $8 million to the extension of his earthly life.
Destiny or Free Will?Subscriber Access Only
That is the question, according to ABC's FlashForward.
The Empty Tomb and the Emptied UrnSubscriber Access Only
What the wounds of Jesus can — and can't — tell us about our resurrection bodies.
What You Need to Know about David Wilkerson's 'Urgent Message'Subscriber Access Only
How people are responding to his warning of riots, fires, and economic collapse in NYC.
Female Evangelical Leaders Have a Hidden Predecessor to Thank
Female Evangelical Leaders Have a Hidden Predecessor to Thank
Kathryn Kuhlman’s story offers a case study of the indisputable achievements of strong evangelical women and the equally indisputable roadblocks they often face.
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