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John Stott: «Las tradiciones evangélicas no son infalibles»
Los sermones del difunto teólogo se están digitalizando gracias a uno de los amigos de su familia.
Thailand Arrests 63 Chinese Christians Seeking Asylum
The “Mayflower church” members, who first sought refuge in South Korea, fear repatriation to China after finding sponsors in Texas.
Viral JesusEpisode 66|40min
Who Is My Neighbor?
Reacquainting ourselves with a shocking parable. Plus: Esau McCaulley on Christians, social media, and the Nashville school shooting.
Martin Luther King Jr. Looks to God in New Statue
Supporters pray new monument depicting the civil rights leader as a preacher will be part of a bigger revival for peace and unity.
This Palm Sunday, Ponder Donkeys, Not Branches
For his entry into Jerusalem, Jesus picked a symbol of lowliness rather than military might.
Informe: 500 iglesias y lugares religiosos ucranianos dañados por militares rusos
Uno de cada tres edificios destruidos o saqueados contabilizados por el Instituto para la Libertad Religiosa pertenecen a evangélicos, quienes fueron acusados de ser «espías estadounidenses».
« Pour toujours » : notre mort et l’éternité
Pendant la période de Pâques, penser à votre propre mort vous conduira vers des horizons lumineux.
Mimbar Kita Penuh dengan Pengkhotbah yang Kosong
Puluhan ribu pendeta ingin berhenti tetapi belum. Apa yang telah terjadi pada mereka?
After Nashville, Moral Numbness Is Our Enemy
Shootings have become normal to the American public. But as Christians, we know better.
Por que romper uma amizade machuca tanto
Para os crentes, relacionamentos antigos e novos têm peso e valor eternos.
Saudi Arabia Embraced Coptic Christmas. Could Its First Church Be Next?
Bishop tells the story of decade-long development of pastoral visits to Egyptian Christians, amid speculation of the kingdom’s steps toward religious freedom.
Resisting the Impulse of Self-Optimization
In Lent, we realign our identity in Christ and recover our sense of being loved into existence by our Creator.
Orang-orang yang Tuhan Utus, Dia Rendahkan Terlebih Dahulu
Yesaya 6 memenuhi saya dengan semangat untuk mengubah dunia. Namun saya perlu memperhitungkan seluruh bagian perikopnya.
당신의 신앙 성장을 위해 사순절이 존재하는 것은 아닙니다
예수께서 광야에서 보내신 40일도 하나님과 더 가까워지기 위함이 아니었다.
El número de evangélicos supera al de católicos en Centroamérica
Los «creyentes no denominacionales» obtienen el segundo puesto.
The Russell Moore ShowEpisode 46|55min
Fleming Rutledge on the Cross
The priest and author speaks to the power of the Crucifixion.
Go Ahead. Get Mad at God for the Nashville Shooting.
In the face of tragedy, Christ welcomes our confusion and anger.
Júnia, a apóstola presa por causa do Evangelho
O que as Escrituras nos contam sobre a história desta “notável” judia que foi aprisionada.

Top Story March 30, 2023

Resisting the Impulse of Self-Optimization
Resisting the Impulse of Self-Optimization
In Lent, we realign our identity in Christ and recover our sense of being loved into existence by our Creator.

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