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An Attack on Faith-Based Exemptions Is an Attack on the Founders’ Vision
A historian’s “intentionally provocative” account of religious liberty in America leaves too little room for claims of conscientious dissent.
Why Many Christians Want to Leave Palestine. And Why Most Won’t.
Survey of a thousand local believers finds majority desire a one-state solution, while few complain about religious freedom.
لماذا يريد العديد من المسيحيين مغادرة فلسطين. ولماذا يرفض معظمهم ذلك.
أفادت دراسة استقصائيّة أُجريَت مع ألاف المؤمنين المحليّين رغبة الأغلبية منهم في حل الدولة الواحدة، بينما تشكو الأقليّة من الحرية الدينية.
Obeying God Rather than Men? What’s Really a Religious Liberty Issue?
John Inazu on religious liberty and loving one other during the pandemic.
Supreme Court Rejects Nevada Church’s Appeal to Reopen Like Casinos
Conservative justices say 50-person limit for houses of worship is “obvious discrimination.”
Sudan Drops Death Penalty for Apostasy, Alcohol Ban for Christians
Amendments offer good news for Christian minority, but also concern that reforms may be too fast for Muslim society.
What the Ministerial Exception Will Mean for Religious Employers
For Christians who despaired over recent Supreme Court rulings, the Our Lady of Guadalupe decision has a lot to offer.
Where Two or More Are Gathered, the First Amendment Should Protect Them
Why voluntary organizations deserve the same rights to speech, religion, and assembly as individuals.
Supreme Court Dismisses State Ban on Public Funding for Religious Schools
Update: Could a Montana school choice case be the end of Blaine amendments?
Will International Religious Freedom Survive the Trump Administration?
The president’s executive order elevates its priority in US foreign policy. Nine experts assess the strategy’s longevity.
Do Catholics Care about Persecuted Christians?
As American bishops dedicate this week to religious freedom, including for Muslims in China, polls suggest a cresting of support for the church in need.
White Evangelicals Have a Complicated Relationship with Christian NationalismSubscriber Access Only
Three books try to make sense of this political ideology.
Bostock Is as Bad as You Think
We cannot stake religious liberty on a "wait and see" approach.
LGBT Rights Ruling Isn’t the Beginning of the End for Religious Liberty
Social conservatives liked Neil Gorsuch before they didn’t. Maybe they were right the first time.
Supreme Court Extends LGBT Anti-Discrimination Protections
Legal experts worry that ruling in landmark workplace discrimination cases can’t provide the nuanced exemptions evangelicals have advocated for.
Religious Freedom Lessons from COVID-19 Disputes
Understanding the legal issues at play can help the church if government restrictions return with another pandemic spike.
Can Churches Reopen Like Businesses? In Minnesota, Yes. In Nevada, No.
Despite Supreme Court decision, religious liberty advocates clash with states over varying rules.
Supreme Court Rejects Challenge to Coronavirus Limits on Church Services
California restricting churches to 25% capacity or less than 100 worshipers “appear[s] consistent” with First Amendment, wrote Chief Justice John Roberts in 5–4 decision.

Top Story August 12, 2020

Christian Colleges: God Wants You to Wear a Mask to Class
Christian Colleges: God Wants You to Wear a Mask to Class
With new campus covenants, dozens of evangelical schools are extending calls to “love your neighbor” to apply to a range of coronavirus safeguards.

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