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The Russell Moore ShowEpisode 103|46min
John Mark Comer’s Call to Practice, Not Performance
The art of apprenticeship to Jesus.
Los pacificadores se encuentran divididos en Tierra Santa
Muchos oramos por la paz de Jerusalén, pero la «paz» significa cosas muy distintas a ambos lados del conflicto.
Mother's Day Sub Sale '24
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Eco-anxiety Is Crippling Gen Z. How Can We Move Forward?
Christians can disciple each other toward action, prayer, and hope.
Hold Your Clapbacks
C.S. Lewis recommended discernment over diatribes in exactly the moments we’re most eager to indulge in critique.
Okuryazarlık Sonrası Bir Çağda Kutsal Kitap Okuryazarlığı
Her zaman Söz'ün insanları olmalıyız, ancak Kutsal Yazılarla derin bir ilişki kurmayı yeniden tahayyül etmemiz gerekecek.
Music & MeaningEpisode 11|35min
If It Were Easy, Everyone Would Do It
Charlie Peacock wonders how democratizing music creation—dropping the barrier to entry so low that anyone can write a song—affects the individual’s soul and our culture.
La disparition de communautés artistiques est une perte pour l’Église
Les écrivains et artistes chrétiens ont besoin d’espaces partagés afin de pouvoir servir au mieux l’Église et le monde avec ce qui les passionne.
Des pasteurs kényans préparent le terrain pour une intervention en Haïti
Le président kényan William Ruto a chargé des responsables d’église de rencontrer des représentants des forces de l’ordre et de l’armée haïtiennes, ainsi qu’un chef de gang, afin de discuter de la mission de sécurité envisagée par le Kenya.
No filme Guerra Civil, o que se vê é o que se tenta esquecer
O novo thriller distópico nos lembra que o importante não é apenas o que testemunhamos, mas como.
La lucha por la libertad religiosa a nivel internacional se expande
La reunión anual sobre la Libertad Religiosa Internacional resaltó que la persecución de las personas de fe en todo el mundo sigue en aumento.
Let the Seas Rise and Feed the Poor
Helping marine biodiversity flourish is a means of participating in God’s work, says an Indonesian theologian.
Panic Won’t Protect the Planet Well
I grew up as a climate change denier. Now I understand we must care for God’s creation and people alike.
Can a Secularizing Nation Have a Christian Soul?
One of England’s finest writers surveys the past and present of English faith.
In a Divided World, Practice Patient Persuasion
A law professor shares lessons on respectful disagreement in the classroom, the church, and the wider culture.
Unpacking Community
Finding an ecclesial home is one challenge. Living in community is another.
The Struggle to Hold It Together When a Church Falls Apart
How do we carry on when there’s more confusion and hurt than clarity and healing?

Top Story April 24, 2024

Eco-anxiety Is Crippling Gen Z. How Can We Move Forward?
Eco-anxiety Is Crippling Gen Z. How Can We Move Forward?
Christians can disciple each other toward action, prayer, and hope.

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