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Look Outside America for Fresh Insight on American EvangelicalsSubscriber Access Only
Melani McAlister’s new history aims to capture what the familiar political story leaves out.
The Invisible Heroes of the Persecuted ChurchSubscriber Access Only
The case for Christians investing in the profession only 1 in 5 Americans trust.
African Pilgrims Pour into Uganda for Martyrs Day
President wants Protestants to replicate the tourism success of Catholics.
Sandals Instead of Sponsorships: The Sseko StorySubscriber Access Only
Behind the fair-trade company that’s helping educate women in Uganda.
Accused MK Counterfeiter Asks To Be Released to YWAMSubscriber Access Only
Son of Uganda missionaries allegedly smuggled $400,000 into US inside child sponsorship pamphlets.
Protestants Follow Catholics' Lead on Martyr Tourism as Pope Francis Visits UgandaSubscriber Access Only
(UPDATED) A swampy site that draws millions across East Africa symbolizes religious freedom. One day it may prove better than gorillas for the economy.
Meet the Mom Who Stopped Joseph KonySubscriber Access Only
How Shannon Sedgwick Davis helped dismantle the Ugandan warlord's reign of terror.
What Winter Olympics, Mass. Governor's Race, and Uganda LGBT Laws Have in Common: One PastorSubscriber Access Only
Controversy over Scott Lively overshadows interesting Supreme Court ruling.
God Loves UgandaSubscriber Access Only
In a documentary along the lines of 'Jesus Camp,' who's demonizing whom?
Uganda Tells 1 Million Couples: You're Not Really MarriedSubscriber Access Only
Unions hang in the balance as govt. restricts which churches can marry.
How Not to Care for Widows Subscriber Access Only
After her husband's death, a typical East African widow may face property theft or eviction. But faith-based advocates are turning the tables.
Q & A: Katie Davis on Raising a Dozen Children at 22Subscriber Access Only
The Nashville native is feeding and caring for thousands and raising children on her own.
'Machine Gun Preacher' Under Heavy FireSubscriber Access Only
Sam Childers, subject of a new movie, is accused of neglecting children at his orphanage in South Sudan.
The Uganda Conspiracy TheorySubscriber Access Only
Activists have targeted the country as murderously homophobic.
Standing in the (AIDS) GapSubscriber Access Only
Only half of HIV-positive children in Uganda receive treatment.
Delegates DeniedSubscriber Access Only
U.S. immigration officials hamper Christian gatherings.
Obama's AIDS DilemmaSubscriber Access Only
White House funding priorities determine who will live and who will die.
Listen, Then SpeakSubscriber Access Only
Uganda's anti-gay bill is making cross-cultural relations more complex than ever.
FRC, AFA Say Gay Sex Should Be a CrimeSubscriber Access Only
The debate over antisodomy laws moves from Uganda back to the U.S. Also: Groups debate immigration reform, abstinence education, and Scott Roeder.
Ugandan Bishop Pleads With American Christians on Anti-Homosexuality BillSubscriber Access Only
David Zac Niringiye, the Church of Uganda's assistant bishop of Kampala, says that American Christians should cultivate relationships before condemning the proposed legislation.
World Vision Flips the Script on Child Sponsorship
World Vision Flips the Script on Child Sponsorship
In the ministry’s first major innovation in seven decades, the children now do the choosing.
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