O Brethren give ear to a noble lesson,

We ought always to watch and pray,

For we see this world to be near a conclusion,

We ought to strive to do good works,

For we see the end of this world to approach.

A thousand and one hundred years are fully accomplished*

Since it was written thus, “It is the last time,”

We ought to covet little, for we are at the remainder.

We daily see the signs to be accomplished

In the increase of evil and the decrease of good.

These are the perils which the Scripture mentions;

The gospel recognizes it, and Saint Paul writes it, that no man living can know the end,

And therefore we ought the more to fear, for we are uncertain.

If death shall seize us today or tomorrow;

But when Jesus shall come at the day of judgement,

Every one shall receive his full payment.

And who shall have done either ill, or done well.

But the Scripture saith, and we ought to believe,

That all men of the world shall pass two ways.

The good shall go to glory, the wicked to torment.

But he that shall not believe this departure,

Let him search the Scripture from its beginning,

Since Adam was formed, till the present time,

In it he shall find, if he has understanding,

That “few are saved” in comparison to the rest.

But every person who will do good,

The honor of God the Father ought to be his beginning,

And to call the aid of his glorious Son, the Son of Saint Mary,

And the Holy Spirit who gives us the way. These three are the Holy Trinity,

As being one God, ought to be invoked,

Full of all Power, of all Wisdom, and of all Goodness.

For this we ought often to beg and pray

That he give us strength to encounter the enemies,

And overcome them before our end,

Which are the World, the Devil, and the Flesh;

And that he would give us wisdom, accompanied with goodness, ...

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