Jarena Lee (1783–c.1850) was one of the outstanding preachers in the African Methodist Episcopal Church. She was a servant in Philadelphia when her conversion began:

I inquired of the head cook of the house respecting the rules of the Methodists, as I knew she belonged to that society, who told me what they were—on which account I replied that I should not be able to abide by such strict rules not even one year. However, I told her that I would go with her and hear what they had to say.
The man who was to speak in the afternoon of that day was the Reverend Richard Allen, since bishop of the African Episcopal Methodists in America. During the labors of this man that afternoon, I had come to the conclusion that this is the people to which my heart unites. And it so happened that, as soon as the service closed, he invited such as felt a desire to flee the wrath to come, to unite on trial with them—I embraced the opportunity.

Jarena Lee’s Life was transformed after hearing a sermon by the then-unknown Richard Allen.

Three weeks from that day, my soul was gloriously converted to God under preaching, at the very outset of the sermon. The text was barely pronounced, which was “I perceive thy heart is not right in the sight of God” [Acts 8:21], when there appeared to my view, in the center of the heart, one sin, and this was malice—against one particular individual who had strove deeply to injure me, which I resented.
At this discovery I said, “Lord, I forgive every creature.”
That instant it appeared to me as if a garment, which had entirely enveloped my whole person even to my fingers’ ends, split at the crown of my head and was stripped away from me, passing like a shadow from my sight—when the glory of God seemed to cover me in its ...
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