While Anglicans, Presbyterians, Catholics, and Quakers all took their turns in defaming the Baptist position, Baptists were not without their own effective apologists. One of the most outstanding of these was Thomas Grantham (1634–1692), a General Baptist who was a pastor at Norwich, England, lecturer, and messenger in the General connection. Grantham did much to dispel erroneous opinions about the Baptists, and his classic treatises helped to define the theology and polity of General Baptists on both sides of the Atlantic. Following is a selection from his major workChristianismus Primitivus(1678) in which it was important to refute charges that Baptists were seditious.

Should the Principles of the Baptized Churches be censured, as of a State-seditious Nature, I see not how Primitive Christianity itself can escape. For whether we consider, first,

Their Principles in reference to the Deity, Christ’s Incarnation, Death, Resurrection, Ascension, and second Coming to judge all the World in Righteousness: In all these Points, they hold in general with all sound Christians, both Ancient and Modern. Among whom, notwithstanding there hath been some differing Apprehensions about the Extent of the Ransom, occasioned, especially with respect to these latter Times, by Calvin’s too much rigidity about Predestination, Election, and Reprobation; so that nothing from hence can be inferred to be of dangerous consequence to the Worldly Government, but it must equally reflect upon the first Christians. No, not that Point of their Faith concerning the Kingdom of Christ. to be established upon the Earth a thousand Years. For assuredly this was the Opinion. or Faith, of the Primitive Christians. And indeed, seeing we all believe that Christ shall ...

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