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7 Bad Reasons to Leave Your Church
If you’re considering leaving the church you attend, there are a few things you may want to consider before making the leap.

The size of the church is never a valid reason to leave a good church.

2. You’re Not Being Fed

There’s only so much growth we can receive as passive church consumers.

As we grow spiritually, the amount we can take in from others – even from great sermons and programs – diminishes until we do one thing: start serving.

Expecting to grow spiritually by attending church but not participating is like expecting to get physically healthy by eating better but not getting off the couch.

In both 1 Corinthians 3 and Hebrews 5 we read about immature believers who wanted more “milk”, even though they should have been ready for “solid food” (some translations use the word “meat”). Often, church members will leave a church because they want meatier sermons. But, while sermons can always be better, I don't believe we can ever get spiritual meat from sermons. Just milk.

What makes something milk is that it’s been through the cow. Someone else has eaten it, chewed it, processed it and fed it to you. Meat is something we have to chew on. It requires our work and participation.

If you’re a mature believer who isn’t being fed, don’t look for another church. Pick up a spoon and feed yourself.

If you’re a mature believer who isn’t being fed, don’t look for another church. Pick up a spoon and feed yourself. Then start serving and feeding others.

The church is not a marketplace where we pick the spiritual products we like. The church is a community that worships Jesus together. A family that cares for each other. And a team that goes out to bless others in Jesus’ name.

People don’t become giants of the faith by hearing better sermons. They do so by drawing closer to Jesus and living better lives as a result.

3. You Haven’t Found the Right Place to Serve

One of the good reasons to leave your church (see above) was if the only thing they want from you is a warm body and an offering.

But before you do that, be sure that’s really what’s going on. If the church leadership wants you to be involved, but hasn‘t found the right fit yet, keep trying.

I’ve known people to stay at our church for years before we finally found the right fit at just the right time. They were always glad they waited.

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