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5 Massive Changes Coming to Your Church (If They’re Not Here Already)
The good news of Jesus never changes. But the way people receive that news is changing. Fast.

5. The Way People Trust Is Changing

People used to trust the church and clergy until we gave them a reason not to.

But we’ve given them plenty of reasons not to. And we’ve we lost their trust.

Now, people don’t trust the church or clergy until we give them plenty of reasons to trust us. We have to earn it. Then we have to work hard to keep it.

Of all the changes affecting today’s church, this is the biggest, by far. And it’s not their fault that trust has been lost. It’s ours.

The good news is, it’s also in our hands to change this perception.

One church at a time. One Christian at a time. One pastor at a time. One act of decency and integrity at a time.

No, we may never win back a general trust of the institutions of church and clergy. But we can get out of the way and let people see that Jesus is, and always will be trustworthy.

And isn’t that what really matters anyway?

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