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The Value of a Small Church: Personalized Major League Coaching
Schools, sports and megachurches recognize the value of breaking into smaller groups for learning, coaching and relationships. So why do we devalue it in smaller churches?

Smaller Class Size

When public schools cut back on funds and have to let teachers go, what’s the biggest worry for every parent? They don’t want the class size to be too big. Even if there’s a teacher’s assistant, they want their child to have the teacher’s attention.

We understand the value of breaking into smaller groups for schools and sports. Even megachurches understand the value of getting their members to join a small group. So why do we devalue it in smaller churches?

Yes, there is value in large groups. I love big and megachurches for what they add to the body of Christ. But there is something wonderful to be gained in a church youth group where the youth pastor knows every kid by name, school and family situation.

It matters when a teenager, sitting in their robe for graduation, can nudge their friend to point out that their youth pastor is sitting right over there waving at us.

And in many small churches, the pastor is sitting next to the youth pastor, waving and smiling too.

No, not everyone will understand the value of that – or even need it. But for those who do, I’m grateful for every small church pastor – and youth pastor – who steps up and matters in the life of the people they serve.

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April 08, 2017 at 12:54 PM

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