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4 Reasons Our Church Stopped Doing 'Come and Watch' Events (And 5 Alternatives)
When a first-time guest comes to a church, they should see our faith at its deepest and best.
3. Come and Have Fun

Whether it’s decorating ornaments before our Christmas Eve service, hunting for Easter Eggs, or having a potluck lunch and blow-up games after our water baptism services, we celebrate big events in the life of the church in visible ways.

On those Sundays when we know we’ll have more guests than usual, we give them ways to celebrate, connect and participate as much as possible. This also encourages them to stick around instead of running to their car as soon as the church service is over.

When they stick around, they connect. When they connect, they’re more open to come back and hear about Jesus again.

4. Come and Learn

You don’t have to be a Christian for biblical principles to work in your life. When the church can offer people some practical, real-life solutions with the Bible as the source, people will come back for more.

This can happen with parenting classes, financial stewardship (like the Dave Ramsey class we’ll be offering soon) and more.

A Word of Caution About Points 1-4

While all four previous points have value, they also carry an inherent danger. We need to be careful not to replace the message of salvation with self-help or feel-good solutions.

If all we’re doing is making people more comfortable in their separation from God, we haven’t helped them, we’ve hurt them.

Which is why the next point is the most important one of all.

5. Come and Worship (Or Join Us As We Worship)

You can’t really worship a God you don’t have a relationship with. But you can be with us as we worship. And you can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit as we do.

On Christmas Eve, Good Friday, Easter and other big days, we don’t have a special production. We use our regular team (who do a great job!). And we worship the way we always worship – but we do it with an awareness that there are more first-timers than usual.

No church should water down our worship just because we have guests with us.

No church should water down our worship just because we have guests with us.

When a person comes to a church, they should see our faith at its deepest and best. Not a sanitized-for-your-convenience version that doesn’t have enough depth and meaning to make a difference.

Do What Works

If your church does ‘come and watch’ events well, keep doing them. But if they don’t work for you – like they don’t for us – there are other great ways to connect with people and open an onramp to the gospel for them.

You don’t have to do what works for us. Do what works for you, your church and the people Jesus has called you to reach.

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March 25, 2017 at 12:03 AM

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