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New Music Is Not Worth Fighting For – So What Is?
Change may be necessary. But we need to get there by fighting the important battles, not the trivial ones.

I’m a fan of the new worship music and new discipleship curriculum. We never let any dust gather on them in our church. But if classic hymns and 50-year-old curriculum worked better for us, we’d use it!

When we really take the mission seriously, we’ll stop wasting our time fighting over old traditions vs new fads. Instead, we’ll be led to something deeper, greater and more genuine than either of them.

The Mission Comes First

Too many of us (me included) get so convinced that we need to use the new, cool way to reach people that we start putting off a vibe that we’re more excited about using new methods than we are about reaching new people.

On the other side, there are those who are so enamored with the older styles that they’ve made an idol out of them.

Whatever side of the new/traditional divide you’re on, singing the songs you like (or that you think others will like) is far less important than doing whatever is necessary for God’s mission to be accomplished in his church.

People follow our heart more than our words.

People follow our heart more than our words. If we say the mission matters, but spend too much of our time, energy and passion on things that aren’t the mission, that’s what people will follow.

We need to keep first things first. Always.

When we do, we’re more likely to help the church get where it needs to go, even if we end up travelling on a path we didn’t expect to walk on.

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August 27, 2018 at 2:00 AM

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