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Free Apps and Websites Any Church Can Use To Organize, Promote And Do More Creative Ministry
If your church is small and your budget is non-existent, new technology may seem out of reach. But it’s not.

Evernote, One Note, and Google Keep

These are helpful note-taking apps that allow you jot something down on one device (like your phone) and retrieve them on another device (like your laptop).

Evernote has been the biggest player in this space, but it has become less user-friendly recently, including charging fees for sharing notes on more than two devices. Their corporate problems are also calling the future of the company into question. Google Keep and One Note are getting better and may soon surpass Evernote in usability and customer base.

Google Docs

If you want to write and share text longer than a note, Google Docs is the industry standard.

Anyone on your team can use this to create, share, comment on and edit larger text documents together.


Feedly is a great way to keep track of subjects you care about or follow writers you want to hear from, without clicking from site to site. It also lets you select and organize these websites into categories of your own choosing. Whenever a pre-chosen website posts a new article, it appears in your stream under your preset category.

You simply go to Feedly at your convenience and scroll through your personalized stream. Click on any title to read the article, or hit the “save” tab to read it later.

Feedly is what I use to monitor over 300 websites so I know what’s happening in areas of interest to me. It takes a minimal amount of time (less than 10 minutes a day for all those websites) and it doesn’t overwhelm my email inbox.

Finally: Apps Help With Efficiency, But They Don’t Do Ministry

A wise use of apps and programs like these can help you organize your church’s tasks more efficiently so you can do ministry more effectively.

Technology is not a substitute for you, your team, the personal touch, or the presence of the Holy Spirit.

But technology is not a substitute for you, your team, the personal touch, or the presence of the Holy Spirit.

So, as one final word of advice from a long-time pastor, let me encourage you to use all the tools we can to do ministry better. Use them to be more efficient. Use them to further your church's reach.

Use the tools, but never let the tools use you.

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January 16, 2019 at 2:00 AM

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