Podcast Episode 023, 1 hr 5 min
A Christian's Guide To The Gender Revolution, with Dr. Vince Gil (Ep 023)
Karl and Dr. Gil address issues of concern to pastors, and provide a dialogue on how to approach varied sex/gender concerns in congregants and beyond.

Vince Gil: This is a continuation of the gender revolution, sexual revolution. We can't ignore it. Why can't we ignore it? Because it's really eating up at the very basis of how are we defining the human being? How are we defining the self? How are we defining ourselves?

Karl Vaters: Hi, I'm Karl. I'm a small church pastor. And welcome to this episode of Can This Work in a Small Church?

My guest today is Dr. Vincent E. Gill. He's the author of A Christian's Guide Through the Gender Revolution, Gender, Cisgender, Transgender and Intersex. Yes, that's the full title. And as you can imagine, this is a challenging subject that we'll be tackling today. Dr. Guild taught a class on human sexuality at a conservative Christian college for many years, and he's been a consultant on this issue for church leaders all over the place. This is a sensitive subject that often gets yelled about on one hand or - because of all the yelling - gets ignored on the other hand. So we're going to talk about how to negotiate a better way between the yelling on the one side and the ignorance on the other side.

And don't forget to stick around when the interview is done. I'll come back with an overview of the content and an answer to the question: Can this work in a small church?

So Dr. Vince Gill. Welcome. It is good to have you on the podcast today.

Vince Gil: My pleasure. Thank you.

Karl Vaters: And if you don’t mind, since we have some relationship with each other - actually our wives have far more of a relationship than you and I do - I hope you'll forgive me if I just call you Vince instead of Dr. Gil during this conversation.

Vince Gil: Absolutely. Totally perfect.

Karl Vaters: Alright. So you have written a book that speaks to a topic that is really, really huge in our society right now. And even as we were talking about it - we're going to be recording this at a particular time - the podcast by the time folks are listening to it, it's going to be months down the road. But we were already joking about how it's not going to get stale-dated because it's a big issue. So the title of the book is what?

Vince Gil: The title of the book is A Christian's Guide to the Gender Revolution. And I titled that because I, of course, for 38 years have been teaching human sexuality and I've also been counseling, and felt that there was a real need in the church to really understand the topic of gender much more than we have. And so my frustration, one way of saying, drove me to write this, but I think the Holy Spirit getting me to really condense what I've known and what I have heard and what I have been able to counsel into a book that helps the Christian really guide themselves through an understanding. So that's the reason why.

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