Podcast Episode 023, 1 hr 5 min
A Christian's Guide To The Gender Revolution, with Dr. Vince Gil (Ep 023)
Karl and Dr. Gil address issues of concern to pastors, and provide a dialogue on how to approach varied sex/gender concerns in congregants and beyond.

Karl Vaters: Now, while the subject matter of the class remained the same over the years, I would imagine that a lot of the types of ways you approached it had to change over the years because there's a constant updating of information and approach and the way people do this. As an example, right now there's a whole lot of new language. There's so many times somebody will say language that we thought was the appropriate language for it, and now we're being told this is not the appropriate language to it. First of all, how does this connect to language and what does that tell us about this issue?

Vince Gil: Well, let me start by first making sure that everybody understands that language is a mirror of culture, and the way culture changes also changes our language. We invent new words, we throw old words out, we modify new words to mean something different. If I was born in the 1800s and I was dating a young man and I came home and my mother wanted to know how the date went, she would want me to explain and I would say, Oh, John was so charming and gay. And that would have meant something completely different then. If I would've said that today, she would've probably said, Oh, I'm so sorry, honey, if it were happening today.

So the language changes completely. We have with the gender revolution or the gender moment as it is being called a new language that has come into being, which I think for the Christian especially really is important to understand, important to know. Because underneath language, there's always this change of ideology that you have to sort of understand. And so the new language of gender that has come into the fore really is a language that seems to change the way that we understand or would be proposing to understand what the nature of human beings are all about.

Karl Vaters: Okay. So our language changes our ideology and our ideology changes our language. So it really is a circular thing.

Vince Gil: It’s a circle.

Karl Vaters: I'll often - in this conversation, especially - I'll sometimes have friends who will just kind of roll their eyes at that whole idea of, Well, now we've got to change our language. But we have to in every field of human endeavor, the language always changes as our knowledge updates, as our culture changes, as our ideologies change. And then when we update the language, it then changes the way we think about these subjects.

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