Podcast Episode 28, 56 min
Ending Human Trafficking, with Dr. Sandra Morgan (Ep 28)
In this episode we talk about how healthy churches are uniquely positioned to help prevent human trafficking

Sandra Morgan: Who are the single moms in your community? Help her and you will protect their children.

Karl Vaters: Hi, I'm Karl Vaters, and I'm a small church pastor, and welcome to Can This Work in a Small Church. My guest for this episode is Dr. Sandie Morgan. She's done a lot of things, but let me walk you through just a couple of them.

First of all, she's the co-author of the new book, Ending Human Trafficking. She's also the host of the Ending Human Trafficking podcast. She's the director of the Global Center for Women and Justice at Vanguard University, and for several years, she served by presidential appointment on the Public-Private Partnership Advisory Council to End Human Trafficking.

But I know her more as a friend and colleague, she and her husband, Jean. Jean is a former podcast guest; Episode 12 is when I interviewed him. She and her husband, Jean, pastor a local congregation, just a few miles from our congregation where I live, and I've known her for many years as someone who's very dependable, very passionate, very reliable, and really wise on this particular subject.

So in this episode, we talk about how the body of Christ is uniquely positioned to help prevent human trafficking. It is not as complicated as it sounds, but it is important and every single church can benefit by the information she gives us in this podcast. And don't forget to stick around when the interview is done. I'll come back with an overview of the content and an answer to the question: Can this work in a small church?

I want to welcome my guest today. It is really an honor to have her with you. Dr. Sandie Morgan, Thank you so much for being with us on the podcast today.

Sandra Morgan: I’m really honored to be with you, Karl. You and I have known each other a long time, and I have valued your voice in the public sector as well as in the church.

Karl Vaters: Oh, thank you so much. And you are Dr. Morgan. You deserve that title, you deserve to be addressed by that title, but we know each other well enough that I'm just going to call you Sandie, and you're just going to call me Karl.

Sandra Morgan: Sounds great.

Karl Vaters: That's how it’s been. We also know each other's spouses. Shelly worked at the same school that you are currently working at for many, many years, and Jean and I have known each other as pastors in adjoining towns. You in Huntington Beach…. Oh, you in Westminster and us in Fountain Valley, and we actually share a border between our towns and are actually very close. So there's a whole lot of history here. But the reason I had you on the podcast was because I knew for a while you were coming out with this book and it just recently came out, and I immediately got it and read it in just a couple of days because it's so good.

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June 20, 2022

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