Podcast Episode 28, 56 min
Ending Human Trafficking, with Dr. Sandra Morgan (Ep 28)
In this episode we talk about how healthy churches are uniquely positioned to help prevent human trafficking

Karl Vaters: And when you say, Take a six block walk, I take that literally. And I think it's important to physically - not a drive, not a look at the map - but physically get your shoes on and walk slowly through the neighborhood for six blocks in either direction. When I go and I speak in small towns especially, I like to walk. It's just the only exercise that I don't hate doing, is getting out and walking. So especially in a new town, I love to just walk around. And there have been times when I've walked around a church just in the neighborhood, not because I'm trying to prove anything, just to get out and get some fresh air, and I'll come back and I'll ask the pastor about such and such happening in their neighborhood, and they have no idea it's happening in their neighborhood because they have a route to and from work. And that's all they see and they've lost… They've long since stopped seeing it because it's so common. And new eyes with an actual physical walk around the church sees things that they don't see. So we're talking about physically getting out and walking around so that we see and you and the book line out so many ways on all of the P’s, which we'll get to eventually, in addition to seeing what kind of issues there might be. But also you might find out that there's a shelter or that there's a food bank or that there's resources as well, that you are unaware of. And there's so much that you can gather by simply physically walking slowly through the neighborhood so that you're more aware of what's going on.

Sandra Morgan: Oh, and I would love to find out how many churches have a school in their six-block radius.

Karl Vaters: Yeah, we've got one. Our preschool… Daycare actually goes to the public school right behind us every single day and picks up kids and brings them over to our daycare, drops them off. We have a great relationship there. And because of that, we have awareness and a connection with them so that if we see a child that might be in crisis, it's not just our eyes on them, but we can talk to the teachers there, we can talk to the principal there. We can alert them to things; they can alert us to things. And the sharing of awareness is a huge part in setting up that - you talk about fences in the book a lot, about setting up this fence, this guard rail to make sure. Because the most important thing in any human trafficking is to prevent it to begin with.

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June 20, 2022

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