Podcast Episode 21, 44 min
Church Planting For Everyone, with Peyton Jones (ep 021)

I finally realized in that Starbucks, I was a church planner, but over the years, I've trained for north American mission board. I started church planner magazine. Certain a number of church planning podcasts, and wrote a few books like church, zero reaching the unreached and now church plan tology and that's, that's my truth.

As I know it, that

Karl Vaters: gives some serious credibility to what you're writing here, because first of all, it's so biblical, you start with the biblical texts. You take a look at it in ways that I haven't seen others look at it, but it also comes out of your very real life experience where. You, you didn't go into it for the glory.

I don't know what church planter, who does

Peyton Jones: the money, the

Karl Vaters: fame and the power. Yeah, there we go. But you kind of found yourself, Hey, wait a minute. This is a thing I do. And maybe as a thing I'm called to do, and I love that part of your story. Well, I want to walk you through a bunch of questions and as I was reviewing your book, cause I actually did read the whole thing all 400 plus I know we are not going to make it out of chapter one.

Because in just the first after you really lay out everything and that's really what a podcast is, kind of introduces people to it. Plus in that first chapter, there are a handful of wow moments, including starting out with an oh no, he didn't moment on page two. So let's start there. Page two, you bring up, you know, illustration from dead poet's society of Mr.

Keating's. Take out your textbook and rip out that first page in which. Th they give a boring assessment of what poetry is, right. Rip it out. We've got to unlearn those things so we can relearn other things. Right. And then out of that, you put some fictional words in, in a similar character who might be talking about planting churches, where you say this.

Finally, he looks at them with that gleam in his eyes. Now my class, you will learn to think for yourselves, much of what we believe about church planting is because we've inherited a system that is built on something that no longer works. The church growth movement. This is the, oh no, he didn't moment. I read it.

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