Podcast Episode 017, 53 min
Pastoral Transition with Gary Garcia, (Ep 17)
Karl Vaters and Gary Garcia have another conversation. This time, they talk about Pastoral Transition from a unique perspective. Karl was Gary’s lead pastor for 25 years, then Gary transitioned to being the lead pastor, while Karl stayed on the pastoral staff with him.

Karl Vaters: Let us begin. So Gary, welcome back to the podcast. Let's take a look at what we're going to do. Last time we talked, we talked about longevity. We talked about your longevity at the church, my longevity at the church. And first of all, whenever anybody hears about how long you've been there as youth pastor, that's always a stunner.

Well, first of all, when they hear I've been at any church, as long as I've been there, that's like, oh, that's great. Then the youth pastor has been there how long? Whoa. And then the two of us together, it's like, okay, that's crazy. And now what we want to do is talk about something that's even more unusual and an even bigger wow for people when they hear about it.

Which is that after 25 years of working together with me as your lead pastor, we made a transition in the church. Where you became the lead pastor and I stayed on as your teaching pastor. So I was your boss and now you're my boss and that's always the big, oh boy, how in the world did that happen, and how's it working out?

So there are some things that are just unique to us. But there are some lessons I think that are fair that I think can be fairly universal that I want to reach out to. So we're going to go over this in three different ways. We'll talk, first of all, talk about how did this idea for the change come about. Secondly, how did we actually walk through it? And then thirdly, how's it been going since with both of us on the same staff, but in different positions and in different relationships to each other.

So let's start out with the why you, for 25 years, had been a youth pastor. And I can't remember how many times you walked past me after a tough board meeting or a difficult decision. I went, that's why I'm never going to be a pastor, but at some point, that changed. So when did you start getting a sense of, Hey, maybe I'm called to be a lead pastor? And what brought that about?

Gary Garcia: I think it probably happened for Amy faster than it happened for me. She was feeling just change and knew, some change, some sort of change was coming. Neither of us knew what? Cause we didn't necessarily feel like it was changed. Like we were going to leave and go somewhere else. We didn't feel any release from what we were doing or where we were at. And so it just kind of started with her, talking to me about that, and then me getting that same sense of something's happening. I'm not sure what it is.

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