Podcast Episode 025, 44 min
Why Your Church Needs A Website And Social Media, with Josh Givens (Ep 25)

Karl Vaters: Is it as simple as if I'm not paying for it, somebody else owns it, and I only own it if I'm paying for it?

Josh Givens: That's pretty much it. And Facebook is a free social media platform, but it's owned by… It's free for you to use, but you're in somebody else's yard, you're in somebody else's territory. And the fact that they own it means that you have to quote unquote play by their rules.

So when you post something, yes, it's free for you to put out there on your page, but another thing I explain a lot is that Facebook uses algorithms, which are little computer calculations that determine like the organic reach that a certain post will get. So this applies to, like, brands and businesses, and church pages fall into that category. If you put something out there and it garners a certain amount of reach, that's because Facebook determined it was going to garner that amount of reach for you. Whereas on your website, you can reach as many people as you want because you're in control of the content

Karl Vaters: And an algorithm, for those of us who are not as savvy about the stuff as you are, is basically a very large and very complicated computer calculation that isn't static but in fact reacts to certain things and responds to them. The idea of algorithms is kind of what got everybody into Terminator mode, right? That at some point the machines are going to come alive. These algorithms are kind of the first step in self-aware machines almost, right? Because they actually do learn and grow, and that's how the mathematical calculation is designed to go, right?

Josh Givens: That’s right. And these pastors, when I speak on this kind of stuff, they look at me like I'm talking about something out of The Matrix and I'm like, no, this isn't science fiction, this really is real. The social media platforms that you're on, from Facebook to Instagram to Twitter, they're all using these little programs to determine what kind of content is popular, what's getting the most hits among your audience, what kind of target demographic does your page have. And then the more that you're posting about that kind of material, the more popular it's going to be among your audience. And it's not going to want you to post about other material, even though you might think that other material is important.

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April 18, 2022

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